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Jan 22, 2007 07:34 PM

Isabella on Grandview

What do we know about Isabela on Mount Washington? I'm considering a romantic Valentine's dinner there...seem like a good idea? Also, do they always have a fixed price menu? Do they build in options for vegetarians, or should I request vegetarian when I call for the reservation?

Any other recommendations in Pittsburgh for a romantic dinner out? Thanks in advance for your advice and suggestions!

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  1. I have never been to Isabella-- DH has, and says it is a wonderful space but the food is not worth the price.

    For romance, I would recommend the Hyeholde in Moon Township. The food is excellent, the service excellent, the wine excellent, and the ambience unique and lovely.

    1. i loveeee isabella's. it's sooooo romantic and cozy. i have been there twice for valentines day, once for NYE and once with friends a month ago. excellent service, incredible food, beautiful view. I love that it is so small...i think only 6-7 tables total? everyone has a wonderful view of the city.

      Go and you won't regret. Since it's prixe fix, I always have the chef choose...and it's never been a bad decision.

      1. I can't remember if there is always a veg option. I would call and ask, they can probably create something for you.

        1. Like all Mt. Washington eateries, you pay for the view, not the food. IMO, if you're stuck on Mt. Washington, you have a better shot at a better experience at LeMont for not all that much more mostly because I think the food is about equal, but the service at LeMont has been more attentive in my experience.

          The most romantic meal I've had in this area was at the Century Inn on Scenery Hill (about halfway to Uniontown). That was a call ahead to the chef to arrange something unique and included a stay in their B&B across the street. But it was top notch. Have heard nice things about the Back Porch as well, but haven't been.

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            The Back Porch is remarkable. I can not understand how a place as good as that manages to be/survive in Lower Spears. From our experience with Thanksgiving reservations, I think I would book early for Valantines Day.

            I see Le Pommier in the South Side has a fixed price menu for that day. Small, cozy, comfortable. Is that romantic?

          2. I respectfully disagree with lemont. If you think eating with 200 people is romantic....than I agree. Lemont is massive. most of the seating doesn't even allow you to see the view, except what you can see over other people.

            In addition, unless you are in love with gold just seems "old" to me. Granted I am in my late twenties, but for me, I don't think atmosphere can even be compared considering isabella can only seat about 20, if even that many.

            Lemont has solid traditional food, not creative.

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            1. re: yammers

              LeMont skews old, no arguments there. But I'd hardly call the food at Isabella's - or anyplace on Mt. Washington "creative". I suppose I'm assuming your definition of "romantic" includes excellent service and attentiveness of the staff. For that I'd give LeMont the nod.

              But for romance, service AND excellent (and creative) food, I'd skip Mt. Washington altogether.