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Jan 22, 2007 07:33 PM

Mesa Grill for Brunch

My husband and I are heading up to NYC in March and are going to be there 4 days. We heard that Mesa Grill for Brunch was a good idea. Anyone know anything about it other than its owned by Bobby Flay??

We also need some tasty but not too expensive ideas for other meals. We love spicy food. Thai and Indian are probably our favorites.

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  1. like mesa, but i think Bar Americain is better for brunch or dinner!!

    1. Have been to Mesa Grill many times although not for some time.
      I've always found it to be very noisy and in the past the food was good.
      However, I like Bobby Flay's restaurant in midtown Bar Americain particularly for bruch. I think the is very good and the service excellent.

      1. I would pass. Mesa Grill has seen better days. You'll pay a hefty sum and the food will be just OK.

        1. If you do go ... and I've not been for years ... I'd recommend the salmon quesadilla.

          1. I had a cobb salad on watercress for brunch and it was all stems and not very good, I wouldn't go back.