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Mesa Grill for Brunch

My husband and I are heading up to NYC in March and are going to be there 4 days. We heard that Mesa Grill for Brunch was a good idea. Anyone know anything about it other than its owned by Bobby Flay??

We also need some tasty but not too expensive ideas for other meals. We love spicy food. Thai and Indian are probably our favorites.

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  1. like mesa, but i think Bar Americain is better for brunch or dinner!!

    1. Have been to Mesa Grill many times although not for some time.
      I've always found it to be very noisy and in the past the food was good.
      However, I like Bobby Flay's restaurant in midtown Bar Americain particularly for bruch. I think the is very good and the service excellent.

      1. I would pass. Mesa Grill has seen better days. You'll pay a hefty sum and the food will be just OK.

        1. If you do go ... and I've not been for years ... I'd recommend the salmon quesadilla.

          1. I had a cobb salad on watercress for brunch and it was all stems and not very good, I wouldn't go back.

            1. if they still have that giant chili pepper filled with goat cheese, then go to Mesa Grill just for that. and the basket of cornbread with pepper jelly at the start.

              yes, expensive; yes, spotty service; but if you've never had Flay's cooking, Mesa is still a good place to start.

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                I had the chile relleno the last time I was there, which was about a month ago, and I thought it was truly uninspiring. Limp, luke warm, and completely not worth ordering. It had no heat, no flavor other than than the puddle of warm goat cheese that dribbled out uninvitingly and quite frankly if I'd wanted a puddle of warm goat cheese I could have bought a log and done something with it in my DeLonghi. My mother was treating, and she had the lamb chops, that were not cooked according to her preference, and the butcher had done a really horrible job with the cut. Our dinner guest had the insipid barbeque chicken. Nothing was inedible, but nothing was really good. We all looked at each other sheepishly and ate without any of the gusto we had anticipated, not wanting to spoil the occasion and complain. That's when I decided that I wouldn't be going back to Mesa Grill until they do something radical.

                Let me finish my tirade by saying that I am a fan of Bobby Flay, and ordinarily enjoy his cooking...and I think his cookbooks are outstanding. Mesa Grill, however, seems like it's growing into a teenager who was valedictorian of his/her high school and is struggling to keep up with the freshman year of college.

                Agreed the bread basket is good, but I don't think it's the reason to go. I was there for dinner, not brunch, and with a $200 price tag for three of us (and we didn't order dessert), I expected to enjoy my meal a whole lot more.

                If you're in the area for lunch, I suggest grabbing Sophie's Salad to go. That's about it.

              2. Mesa Grill for brunch is actually pretty well-priced, I thought, and the sweet potato hash is brilliant. bread basket is tasty as well.

                1. Interesting. I had a fantastic brunch there last May, so I don't know if it has plummeted since then. Nevertheless, there is a great chicken hash egg benedict dish that was wonderful. And whether I'm there for brunch or dinner I always get the queso fondido which is basically a hot vat of goat cheese with blue corn chips for dipping. Yum.

                  1. Had dinner several months back and it was wonderful. I wrote up my review here, if you want to dig around for it. I've also eaten at Bar Americain and had an equally good meal - also wrote up that one if you're so inclined to find it (I'm not about to get the link now with the way the site is working with all these "upgrades"). Both restaurants have their fans and naysayers. I've been to all of Flay's restaurants, except for the new one in AC, and enjoyed each and every one of them for different reasons. The Mesa Grill in Las Vegas is better than here, but this one is no slouch. Yes, it's "tired" by NY standards, only because it's been around so long but there is nothing essentially "wrong" with it IMHO. Good food, good service, nice atmosphere. If you had anything "bad", send it back - if you don't complain, it's your own fault. Any place would correct a poor dish and there is no reason to suffer through something you don't enjoy. But it is expensive, I'll give it that.

                    1. The spicey chicken and sweet potato hash is what I heard was fabulous.

                      1. My mom and I go to Mesa Grill for brunch every time she's in town, and we have never been disapointed. I love the grilled, caremelized grapefruit to start; the chicken and sweet potato hash is delicious (although huge); my boyfriend loves the honey glazed salmon; and we've had pretty good luck with the egg dishes as well. The bread and pastry basket they bring at the beginning is also so yummy.

                        1. Brunch at Mesa is AMAZING. I think it's really underrated compared to lots of other brunch places. The bread basket is tasty and the spicy chicken and sweet potato hash is unbelievable. Best dish on the menu.

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                            my husband and i were in NYC early this month. We had lunch at mesa grill. The spicy chicken and potato hash with poached eggs tasted good. B. Flay's live up to his sauce. I am dissappointed with the duck wrapped in a blue corn tortilla. Over priced for this dish. The mahi mahi quesadilla is okay. Our experience is just okay nothing to rave about.Thought the decor is quite plain. The tables are placed too closed along each other. Our dinner experience at Morimoto is more memorable.

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                              we had a decent brunch today, pork quesadilla and burger/fries were really good.