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Business dinner in Rockville??

I'm looking for a location for a business dinner in Rockville. We used to use Rico y Rico but I've noticed it closed (was never really a big fan anyway). I'm thinking of Nick's Chop House- any thoughts on that (for or against)? Another possibility is Il Pizzico. I'm also considering Bethesda restaurants but only want to go that far if I'd really be sacrificing quality by staying in Rockville.

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  1. I highly recommend Sol d'Espana for your dinner venue. Small, friendly reasonably priced place with a privat'ish room in back. Excellent REAL Spanish food with an emphasis on sea food. It's at the north end of the pike across from Wintergreen.

    1. I would send you to Il Pizzico. The inside atmosphere is very nice, the food is terrific, and the wait staff has helped us identify some marvelous wines. But be prepared for the fact that the outside is unimaginably unimpressive: an small ugly strip center.

      1. I went to Il Pizzico with a group of office mates at lunchtime and thought the food was great. I would recommend it. I've never been to Nick's Chophouse though.

        1. I think Il Pizzico is the best Italian restaurant in Mtgy County, if not MD.
          But they don't take reservations, which could be a problem if you don't arrive early in the evening or have a large group.

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            I just found out Il Pizzico is closed on Sundays, so back to the drawing board!
            Would La Miche be good in Bethesda?

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              Nick's Chophouse is not good. Subpar food and pretty expensive for what they are. The only benefit is that they have a back room that has a screen for presentations. A decent choice in the Rockville area is Amada Amante in the Falls Grove Shopping Center. The website is here http://www.amadaamante.com/index.html

          2. Not sure what your parameters are as far as cuisine, Tower Oaks Lodge by Clyde's Group would cover fairly mainstream ones.

            1. Sol D'Espana Rocks! Excellent paella and traditional Spanish dishes. Clyde's might be a more business atmosphere, but the food is pretty bad in my opinion. Feels like an overpriced TGI Fridays with LOTS of families with small kids there. Amada Amante is another nice choice, although I haven't been there in a few years and I know the service can be a bit slow at times. Black Market Bistro in Garrett Park is another good choice, although I don't know if they offer reservations for dinner (I know that both Amada Amante and Sol D'Espana do).

              1. When did gooseterp last go to Nick's?? I have been several times over the past year and find the food delicious. They got a new chef about a year ago.
                Maybe the prices are a little high - but its a trade off: a few more dollars for a more unique experience and quality service (vs. clydes - come on, they are "cookie cutter" in food and service) and only a few dollars less.
                All depends on what is important to you I guess.

                1. We love Nick's Chophouse. Great free giant jellybeans after your meal, great food, the best bread pudding I've ever had (drizzled in caramel sauce) . Highly recommend it.