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Jan 22, 2007 06:58 PM

Cinnamon Rolls - Tips, Tricks & Recipes

We're having friends stay overnight next weekend and the husband happens to be a cinnamon roll fanatic. Now I make a pretty darn good cinnamon roll but, like most chowhounds, I'm always looking for something better.

Any tips, tricks or recipes for home-made cinnamon rolls (or even sticky buns)? Preferably with an overnight raise so that I can make them the day before and cook them in the morning.

Thanks a million!

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  1. Do you mean tips like cutting the rolls using dental floss that's been looped around and pulled through the rolled dough?

    1. I love Alton Brown's trick of proofing the buns (after forming and putting into the pan) *in the oven* with a dish of steaming water underneath. That really seems to help the second rise when I've done it.

      1. I sometime use a spread made of creamed butter, powdered sugar and cinnamon for the filling. A little cornstarch in it helps keep it all from running out when it warms up.Otherwise, I use a melted butter wash and a strong cinnamon sugar.

          1. I like ground cardamom in the dough. It can be overwhlemed by the cinnamon, depending on what variety you use for the filling, but it does add that "what is that flavor?" factor. Also, many like their dough lean, but I prefer a rich dough. Look for a recipe with butter and egg in the dough, which makes them a special occasion, company treat. I always refrigerate the dough after the first rise, even for recipes that don't require it, as the flavor is better. In the wee hours of the morning, put the oven on "warm" for 5-10 minutes, then turn it off and put the chilled dough in to warm before shaping and final rise. You'll want to chill the dough in a metal bowl for this, and use butter to grease the bowl. If you want, you can use a brioche recipe, yum.