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Jan 22, 2007 06:46 PM


Any recommendations for the area?


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  1. Taps fishouse for pretty good fish and even better beer is the first thing that comes to mind. Otherwise, I beleive there is a Cedar Creek and I know that there is a Hat [famous pastrami], Lucille's BBQ and fitness pizza. I also heard rumors about a Taco Mesa at the Brea mall. If you can swing into fullerton/placentia area you may find many more options.

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      thanks....any suggestion for the Fullerton/Placentia area?

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        Oh yes. In Placentia there is great sit-down mexican at El Farolito in old towne. Be prepared for a bit of a wait for dinner, but the food is awesome and the prices are great. Right down the block is Q Tortas for cheap mex to go. There is also Sophia's on Kraemer for Greek. You can also find killer stuffed pizza at Tony's Little Italy on Bastanchury. Ye Olde Ship is technically in Fullerton, but closer to Brea, if brit pub fare is your thing. Anita's New Mexican style in Fullerton for something a bit unique. In downtown fullerton there is Stubrik's steakhouse, as well as a spaghetti factory [chain], mulberry street ristorante [homey comfy place], or roman cucina [mod trendy] for italian, and Rutebagorz for healthy ecclectic. There is also Brickhouse pizza [haven't tried it yet], CHOMP sushi and Knowlwood's hamburgers nearby. Some decent bars around there also, if you are so inclined. Continental room is a sinatra era throwback that is worth checking out. And Heroes has something like 200 beers on tap. Taqueria de Anda for hole-in-the-wall cheap mexican can be found in boht Fullerton and Placentia. Sidnys cafe if you are looking for vegetarian [the aforementioned Rutebagorz also has a bunch of veg dishes, although they also have food for us carnivores].

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          Love the Ruben sandwich at Sidney's.

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            That's a good list. Of those, I'd recommend:
            The Olde Ship (Fullerton)
            Sophia's (Placentia)
            Rutabegorz (Fullerton)
            Hero's (Fullerton).

            I'd skip Anita's & Chomp.

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              Geographic assistance: Actually, Ye Olde Ship is only a couple of blocks north of downtown Fullerton on Harbor. Brea is quite a bit farther. Tony's Little Itay is on Placentia Ave in Placentia (although the shopping center abuts Bastanchury).

              I would add Anita's New Mexican, Brownstone Cafe (breakfast and lunch only), El Fortin, and Mammalucco's (Brea).

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              To add to the Fullerton list:
              - Sushi Momo (Bastanchury/Harbor)
              - Mongolian BBQ (State College & Chapman)
              - Thai Rama (State College & Chapman)
              - North China Garden (Placentia & Yorba Linda Blvd)

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                Tony's Little Italy Pizza (in Placentia, at the Vons center at Bastanchury and Placentia Ave) for great deep dish pizza... man, I could go for a slice right now.

                1808 N Placentia Ave # B
                Placentia, CA 92870
                (714) 528-2159

              2. re: SouthOCHound

                Ditto LUCILLE'S.

                TAPS & YARDHOUSE have pretty darned good Happy Hour (YH more so than Taps).

                Hubby also likes FRESCA's for their Taco Tuesday (fried chicken tacos for $1) and cheap beer.

                Otherwise, Brea is a haven for chains. Fullerton, OTOH, has a lot of non-chain restaurants half of which are just meh.

              3. The only good one I know is Taps at Downtown Brea. They have a good Sunday Jazz brunch. Otherwise for dinner the food is well executed basic seafood and steaks.

                People seems to like La Vie En Rose, but when I went a few years back I thought it was decent, but not great enough to go back.

                There is also an Indian restaurant in next to Big 5 sporting goods on Birch (behind Brea Mall), it was good but I haven't been for a while.

                Otherwise it's your usual chain restaurants places - CPK, BJ's, Cheesecake Factory at the mall. Downtown Brea has the Corner Bakery, Red Brick Pizza, Pane e Vino, Market City Cafe, Daphne's, etc.

                There's also a Havana Mania (another chain) behind the Brea Mall, but I haven't been.

                Some more restaurants near the Trader Joe's down Imperial. Thai Specialty 2 and an Italian one are both decent, but not something to go out of the way for.

                1. The Olde Ship in harbor in Fullerton. Real beer and good affordable food. Taps is overpriced for what they provide IMHO

                  1. Rowland Heights is just over the hill!

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                      I think we have overdone the food in the Rowland Heights area. Thanks though

                    2. I grew up in P-town, still visit the folks. Favorites include Mini Gourmet for breakfast (Yobra/Plas border), El Farlito, Talaquepaque, and Q-Torta's in old town, Christo's Best (Burgers and Zucs), Brians BBQ. Not the most up to date recs, but these good spots 10 years ago.


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                        Talaquepaque has been closed for the last couple of years for "renovation"....