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Jan 22, 2007 06:39 PM


Has anyone tried Tacone Wraps in Fashion Valley?

My wife and I stopped in the other day before a movie and we were surprised at how good it was. I normally would not write about a FF restaurant in Chowhound, but it was really good.

I had the Malibu Melt, grilled chicken, swiss, avocado, with romaine and tomato with honey mustard. I also had a side of their Thai cucumber salad, which was really great. It did not taste like it should have come from a faster food restaurant. The salad was really good. The cucumbers were crisp and crunchy, a sign of freshness.

My wife had the Thai Cone, it was grilled chicken, rice peanut sauce and Thai Cucumber salad. Lucky for her that her’s came with the salad, I did not want to share any of mine.

All of the meat and chicken is grilled to order, which is extremely refreshing to see in a fast food restaurant. Unlike other wraps that we have had, these were rolled very well and were not messy.

I would recommend this to others!

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  1. I love their homemade potato chips, the pilgrim wrap and the spa wrap, and have never had a bad experience, Their catering for office lunches is also superb, as they send large trays of chips and the sandwuches are alwaus neat, fresh and clearly labelled. But I agree with the above poster - the pico de gallo was fantastic! I thought maybe I was overlooking it in favor of the porato chips, but I guess it's gone from the menu.

    1. Tacone Wraps is a chain and a pretty good one at that. There's one in the UTC mall too.

      1. I've been to those in SFV, and like them a lot.

        1. They have really yummy BBQ and crispy chicken wraps as well. Always fresh tasting and with quality ingredients. The only thing I miss is they used to have chips and salsa with the wraps and now they have sweet potato (?) chips. I miss their pico de gallo.

          1. Divamac -
            Thanks for the info regaring their offsite catering, I never would have thought that was an option. We have a birthday coming up, and it would be good stuff for the parents and kids.