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Jan 22, 2007 06:38 PM

Jiraffe Monday 01/22/07

Anyone know what Jiraffe's Monday Night Bistro Menu is for tonight?

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    Roasted Parsnip and Granny Smith Apple Soup
    Topped with a Compote of Sautéed Apples, Diced Parsnips, Italian Parsley and Red Onion in a Apple Balsamic Style Vinegar


    Terrine of Hudson Valley Foie Gras
    Freshly Grated Black Truffles, Curly Endive and a Roasted Pear and White Grape Sauterne Sauce with Brioche Toast Points

    Pan Roasted Striped Bass
    Provencal Style Vegetables – Green and Gold Zucchini, Petals of Roma Tomatoes, Rings of Sweet Onions and a Saffron Fume with a Julienne Basil Salad


    Crispy All Natural Chicken Breast
    Rustic Vegetable Ragout of Fingerling Potatoes, Oven Dried Tomatoes, Pearl Onions, Asparagus Tips, English Peas and Applewood Smoked Bacon with a Citrus Tinged Roasted Chicken

    Orange and Vanilla Cream Roll

    1. How much are they charging these days? I seem to recall them raising rates over the last several years. Are they still doing the carafe of wine for 12 bucks?

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        It's been around 30-35 over the past year, but pretty reasonable for the food you're getting.

        And I do recall them having wine specials, not sure of the price though.


      2. It's $35/person, but I'm not sure about the wine prices.