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Jan 22, 2007 06:30 PM

Red Pearl Kitchen - my review

Went to Red Pearl Kitchen last night for the first time - table for 6.
Sunday is 1/2 off all bottles of wine. They had a helpful "wine director" who made some good suggestions - we had 3 bottles and a great time. The black-pepper caramel shrimp was excellent. The eggplant tempura/tuna tartar was great, the soba with the egg (as featured in LA mag) was considered good - i didn't try. They also give you your receipt which you can bring in on the following 2 mondays for 1/2 off your entire meal...and the waitress made us 3 copies so that each couple could get the deal. The interior is far less jarring and uncomfortable than the red exterior.
Staff was a quite slow and we were quite finished with Apps before we ordered our entrees. Several dishes seemed flavorless - even their hot pots (which I think were recommended by the LA Times.)
Any thoughts on the place? Eager to know what other people enjoyed - and other similarly priced great restaurants in the area....currently I go to Angelini Cafe and Azami too much.

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  1. For Pan-Asian, you may wanna give Celadon (near the Grove on 3rd) a try. Pretty recently opened so there may be kinks to work out.

    My experience with RPK in Huntington Beach (noted on my blog) was not a good one ~ mediocre, overpriced food and odd-tasting drinks, basically.

    I, on the other hand, need to be re-acquainted with Azami.


    1. I went to Celadon, and I think I'm going to have my birthday party there. Great space, Great food, really inventive. Excellent suggestion!

      1. I went to Red Pearl last Sunday night for dinner with a party of 7. Overall I liked the food but the service was unprofessional and quite dumb (dropped off our desserts and no notice that we have no utensils - this was the final straw since we had to keep asking for serving utentils throughout the entire meal.)

        I was very unhappy with our "wine director" whose vocabulary was limited to "cool." I ordered a sparkling white wine that I knew to be good and would go well with the food ("cool") but my friend, who really knows about wine, for some reason asked this wine director for suggestions; what did my friend get? A not so great wine that did not go with the food at all.

        I thought that the apps were stronger than the main dishes.

        Most of the food items I liked but I don't know if it's enough to draw me back for such lousy service. I used to be a waitress many moons ago and most of the time I'm very forgiving but you should only have to ask for utensils once (ideally a good server will anticipate your needs but with these chicas my expectations were kind of low.)