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Jan 22, 2007 06:28 PM

Tucson - Old Pueblo Grille or other regional food recs?

I'll be in town again for the rock show and wanted to try some new places. Being from Texas, we eat plenty of excellent mexican food, so we're looking more for southwest cuisine.

I saw a listing for Old Pueblo Grille that sounded interesting. We plan on going to Cafe Poca Cosa again since we really enjoyed it. If there is anyplace with a great view, that might be nice too.

We also really enjoyed breakfast at the Cup Cafe at Hotel Congress, but are open to some new places.

Also, In case we feel for Sushi, is Sushi Ten still the best?


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  1. I think Old Pueblo Grille is very mediocre. it's part of the Metro Restaurant chain, a local group of restaurants owned by a guy who used to be in the wholesale meat business. The food is so-so, and not very interesting.

    J-Bar at La Paloma--the moderately priced Janos Wilder restaurant--is good (Southwestern, Mexican style), and does offer views. The Flying V, at Loews Ventana Canyon Resort is wonderful, albeit expensive.

    I also like El Mezon del Cobre. It's a traditional Mexican restaurant with lots of great seafood options and a first rate selection of tequilas/margaritas.

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      What about Terra Cotta or Casa Vicente?

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        Don't know about Terra Cotta, but you can forget about Casa Vicente - they have the WORST service I have seen in Tucson. Never actually tried the food because my party got up and left before it ever arrived - both of the times we tried to eat there.

    2. Some other good rec's:

      Tavolino for outstanding Italian... much more than the standard pasta in red gravy, Tavolino reminds me of some of the better food I ate on my last trip to Florence (Italy, not Arizona).

      Feast. An enduring favorite, they are always slammed for the gem show. I think they may be taking reservations now.

      Barrio Grille. Another long time favorite, they have a nice southwestern menu.

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        Just curious - how's the smoke / music level at J-Bar?

        We'd like to be able to not have to yell to each other or breathe smoke over dinner.

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          That was a problem last time I was there. Soon, though Arizona's going to be relatively smoke-free!

          BTW: there are earlier threads on this topic.