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Jan 22, 2007 06:24 PM

hot driniks for the cold weather

Now that it finally feels somewhat like winter, I'd like to ask what people's favorite beverage to warm themselves up. I got the hot chocolate (spiced and regular), cocoa, mulled cider, chai, am looking for more ideas. Either with or without alcohol is fine, as long as it's tasty.

The only ingredients I don't like are those weird nectar things that cocktail books always call for and they have no use except in very specific mixes, but I'm open to all other suggestions.

BTW this sounds stupid but after all this time hanging around Chowhound I finally saw that there was a "Features" link that has recipes, and one of them actually had a drink idea - but it's a cold one.

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  1. This really gets the blood pumping. :)

    It's an old Balkan tradition. You will need Slivovitz (plum brandy) and sugar.

    For each demitasse of beverage, use one generous teaspoon of suger. Carmelize in a small saucepot over high/medium high heat.

    Once your sugar is nice and caramelly, add in the Slivovotz. (You may want to do 1/2 portion Slivovitz and 1/2 portion water if you've never had this before---it's strong.) As it heats up, the sugar will completely melt into the booze.

    This hot Slivovitz is traditionally served at a huge bonfire on Christmas Eve. And any other time it's cold.

    It will warm you through to the core. And is tasty, indeed! It's always been a hit with my friends but I dilute it, otherwise it an hit you very hard.

    1. i boil red hots with apple juice and add rum.yummy!

      1. I like hot toddys made with fresh lemon juice, bourbon, and sugar in boiling water. My other standby is homemade chai, not a mix, not a concentrate.

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          Homemade chai is so much better than a mix!!!

        2. Apple cider or hard milled cider

          Place the cider in a large pot with whole nutmeg and orange rind and let it warm over the stove. Creates a wonderful scent and is very satisfying.

          1. I like a heaping tablespoon of marmite dissolved into hot water.