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Don Felix: Why I Appreciate Chowhound

I would never have stopped in Don Felix for tacos if I hadn't read about it on this website.

It's nothing much to look at and the parking isn't great. And in my 'hood, there are so many other places to eat a taco, I might have stuck with the tried and true.

But I gave it a try and am really glad I did.

Excellent soft tacos. We had asada, pollo, and carnitas in various incarnations with the hot and mild salsa. We had one fish taco, too, but I didn't taste it.

Tacos are only a buck and a quarter, too. And you can grab a beer with them, ice cold. And the salsa on the side was as good as any I've ever had. I was practically sipping the stuff out of the little plastic cups.

My son also had this quesadilla like thing with jamon and queso and other things in it.

I will say this: If Tacomiendo has one thing going for it versus other tacos (like the ones at Don Felix) it's the fresh corn tortilla. Most places use the commercial kind, so it's tough to ding a place that does. But Tacomiendo uses them and it really motivates me to eat there ... that and I live around the corner.

But Don Felix is top notch and I plan to continue to explore the menu and try more tacos there.


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  1. I often buy the marinated chicken (I like to have it sliced thinner) and meat (they are most certain to say it is not steak) and precooked carnitas, come home and grill the uncooked, heat up the carnitas in a very hot skillet, warm up tortillas, and well the usual drill, I buy it all there... I recreate at home for my family, and out of town family. All is great. And while there making my purchases, who can resist a few fresh tacos? A great find, that somebody told me about in a market line...how lucky was I? I even was reading a NYC food blog and someone mentioned Don Felix...I was hanging in NYC at the time. It is very good, indeed!

    1. glad you ventured in. don felix is my go to spot for delicious al pastor and asada tacos. mmmm!

      1. The only Don Felix I know is the Peruvian restaurant at Virgil and Fountain. Is this what you mean?

        1. Nope it is on the Mar Vista/Culver City line down the street from Titos Tacos

          Don Felix Meat Market
          3985 1/2 Sawtelle Blvd at Washington Place
          Los Angeles, CA 90066
          (310) 915-1978

          Take Care

          - P.

          1. Glad you finally had the chance to try Don Felix Paul. How about that habanero salsa! Wow. The place isn't much for atmospher but the tacos y burritos!!! yummmmm

            1. How does Don Felix compare with Tacos Por Favor, Sanchez, El Super, La Flama, etc? Are there any particular meats or treats (that habanero salsa) that make it special?

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                I used to like TPF but haven't been for a while -- we moved -- so I can't compare anymore. Sanchez, to me, is better for burritos (and carne asada from the butcher ... we go to the one on Inglewood, not Centinela). Don't know about El Super or La Flama ...

                I'm a neighborhood guy. I like to eat the best taco in my 'hood, not the best taco I have to drive across town for.

                The good thing about Don Felix is that the tacos are a buck and a quarter. You could order every taco they have for 10 bucks most likely. So, try your favorites and the rest to determine what's best. I loved the pollo, the carnitas and the asada ... next time I'll try the pastor.

                1. re: nosh

                  Don Felix compares favorably to TPF, Sanchez & La Flama. In fact, I'd say Don Felix is definitely a cut above Sanchez. The meat I enjoyed the most at Don felix is the Al Pastor. They serve two salsas - the mild one is green and doesn't have too much flavor, and the hot one is orange and is habanero based. It's usually hot to very hot, so a little goes a long way!


                2. And just to think that Don Felix and their superior taco is just a block or two down the street from the most hyped and IMHO the worst taco in all of L.A., Tito's which probably sells more tacos in one day than Don Felix does in a year. Go figure.

                  1. i feel the same way about chowhound because without this board i'd never have tried Taqueria Sanchez on centinela.
                    (i LOVE their shrimp tostada, mojarra fritta, and their shrimp tacos.)

                    1. OK, I was thinking of this thread today and decided to try Don Felix instead of yet another trip to Taqueria Sanchez. Good news -- two tacos for just $2.15 including tax, cheaper than the buck and a quarter price listed on the wall menu. Also good -- tacos served with generous topping of meat. Not so good -- no salsa bar, just a little smear of salsa roja on top. My carne asada had a few fatty/gristly pieces. I could barely taste the difference between the asada and the pastor. MUCH more downscale than Sanchez, Tacos Por Favor, or El Super Taco, and more difficult parking. Finally, no cups of ice for drinks -- Mexican bottles only. I was glad I tried it, but I'd rate it a couple of tacos less than the others I've mentioned.

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                        thats disconcerting considering asada is beef and al pastor is pork. ya sure you got the right tacos? =)