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Jan 22, 2007 06:10 PM

Navel/Blood Orange Hybrid hits the markets

Has anyone else seen these? I bought some navel/blood orange hybrids at the Santa Monica farmers' market yesterday and absolutely love them. They have the juiciness and sweetness of the navel with a hint of the tanginess and color of the blood orange. Perfect for eating as is.

What are they called? Blavels?

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  1. I had one of those - didn't realize what I'd bought - thought it was a "regular" navel orange until I opened it up - then I thought it didn't really look like a blood orange, but had that color inside. Unfortunately the one I had was a bit dried out - will have to try again.

    1. I think they are called Cara Cara Oranges, if it's the cross of grapefruit/oranges that you are talking about.

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        No, there were cara caras as well, but these were especially billed as blood orange/navel hybrids and not grapefruit/orange hybrids. They did taste remniscent of cara caras, but more orangehy. The cara cara was more mild, though that might be because I tried them from two different growers.

      2. I had my first Cara Cara at the San Francisco Farmers Market this weekend. The grower referred to it as a pink orange. (Note also that Cara Caras are navels.) Sweeter than a pink grapefruit, more tart than an orange but not as tart as a blood orange. Very pleasing to the palatte. I bought 4 of them. YUM!

        1. I think i have had those! My brother just went to LA and brought back a bunch of pink oranges for us that I know he bought at the Santa Monica market (this was just last weekend). They were great! I only got one, I guess I need to take my own trip soon.

          1. Blood oranges tart? I've always thought they were way sweeter than regular oranges. I like to mix the juice with grapefruit but couldn't drink it straight and even mixed with regular oranges it's too sweet - the acidity of the grapefruit keeps it in line, for me anyway.