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Navel/Blood Orange Hybrid hits the markets

Has anyone else seen these? I bought some navel/blood orange hybrids at the Santa Monica farmers' market yesterday and absolutely love them. They have the juiciness and sweetness of the navel with a hint of the tanginess and color of the blood orange. Perfect for eating as is.


What are they called? Blavels?

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  1. I had one of those - didn't realize what I'd bought - thought it was a "regular" navel orange until I opened it up - then I thought it didn't really look like a blood orange, but had that color inside. Unfortunately the one I had was a bit dried out - will have to try again.

    1. I think they are called Cara Cara Oranges, if it's the cross of grapefruit/oranges that you are talking about.

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        No, there were cara caras as well, but these were especially billed as blood orange/navel hybrids and not grapefruit/orange hybrids. They did taste remniscent of cara caras, but more orangehy. The cara cara was more mild, though that might be because I tried them from two different growers.

      2. I had my first Cara Cara at the San Francisco Farmers Market this weekend. The grower referred to it as a pink orange. (Note also that Cara Caras are navels.) Sweeter than a pink grapefruit, more tart than an orange but not as tart as a blood orange. Very pleasing to the palatte. I bought 4 of them. YUM!

        1. I think i have had those! My brother just went to LA and brought back a bunch of pink oranges for us that I know he bought at the Santa Monica market (this was just last weekend). They were great! I only got one, I guess I need to take my own trip soon.

          1. Blood oranges tart? I've always thought they were way sweeter than regular oranges. I like to mix the juice with grapefruit but couldn't drink it straight and even mixed with regular oranges it's too sweet - the acidity of the grapefruit keeps it in line, for me anyway.

            1. I'm going to the South Pas market this week to see if my favorite navel guy has any of those. They sound awfully good.

              1. just yesterday I picked up a couple of oranges called Moro. There was a picture on the display that showed a deeply colored interior. now i can't wait to try it. have to though, as I bought them to serve with a dark chocolate bar for tonight's dessert. Only bought 2 so I can't cheat. wonder if a moro is similar to what you had. i'd never seen it before.

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                  A moro is a blood orange, not the pink orange that the OP is referring to. It has a very tart flavor.

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                    oh, i didn't know. thanks for the information! I am looking forward to trying them tonight. also, i didn't realize blood oranges were tart. maybe i'd better change from a very dark chocolate bar to one that's a bit sweeter to accompany them tonight.

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                      Not all blood oranges are tart. Troccodaro blood oranges taste more like a regular orange with the blood orange color. Also some Moro's are more tart than others. It depends on the grower. Will have to look for that orange in the OP. Sounds great.

                2. There is a new variety of Red Navel that hit the market duringthe last eight weeks, but alas the season is over. I found some in my local market and bought a half a dozen. I cut them open and Mrs Jfood told me they were mini-grapefruits.

                  First bite and I was a convert. The had the consistency of a Florida Navel, very soft pulp and the taste was as 90% Florida Navel and 10% grapefruity. They were outstanding.

                  No they are not Cara Cara's. These are still available.

                  This grove has the best selection and quality and you can see the Red Navels at the bottom.


                  1. Oh, I'm delighted! I cook a lot with blood oranges and love to have navels in the house for...well everything, esp. eating out of hand.

                    1. I am so glad to have learned here that the moro oranges could be tart. It would have been awfully disappointing to taste one expecting a very sweet orange. As it was, I knew what to expect and enjoyed it. Thought it tasted like grapefruit and tangerine.
                      Thanks for the info.