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Jan 22, 2007 06:07 PM

Searching for wheat bran

I've got a no knead bread dough rising at home right now (my first bread attempt ever). They recommend wheat bran on the towel to keep the dough from sticking. I couldn't find it at Smart & Final or Trader Joe's yesterday. I work in Van Nuys and live in Echo Park / Silverlake. Can you recommend a place that will have wheat bran that's on my way home? TIA

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    1. If Whole Foods isn't convenient, they will surely have it at Nature Mart on Hillhurst.

      1. I've only seen it at Whole Foods that have bulk bins (West LA on National has it). You could call the one near you and see if they have bulk bins. I haven't found it at TJ's or any of the large markets either.

        TJ's does have oat bran. Has anyone used that?

        1. I got mine at Wild Oats.

          1. I buy Bob's Red mill wheat bran from Gelson's in Encino or Sherman Oaks. Just ask the manager or a worker where it is in the store.