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Jan 22, 2007 06:00 PM

Old Style beer and stuffed pizza for Super Bowl party

Any new leads on Old Style beer (cans, bottles or keg)? I saw the post from last May but was wondering if anyone had any success. Also are there any places to get a decent stuffed pie, Giordano's style?

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  1. What is Giordano's style ?

      1. There is a place on Lincoln Ave, a couple blocks south of Pico that seems to specialize in Chicago things like this. They've got an Old Style sign in the window. Don't know about the pizza, though. Why not mail order a frozen pizza from Giordano's, Lou Malnatti's, or some place like that back in Chicago? I have heard of places doing that.

        1. Thanks! Looks like mail ordering the pizza is the thing to do. Now i just have to find some Old Style to wash it down.

          1. Well, strictly speaking, I don't think you will find giordano's style anywhere east of chi-town. You may find something close, but most people looking for a slice of home [i.e., NY style bagels/pizza/delis/pastrami; chicago style pizza/dogs, SF style Mission burritos] here in the southland are doomed to disappointment. That said, some damn good stuffed pie can be found at Tony's Little Italy in Placentia. Of course, finding [and muscling down] Old Style beer is another story altogether.

            BTW, there are two restaurants that claim to have imported chi-town fare [specifically, the Italian Beef] to orange county. The first is Chicago's Best in Tustin, although the reviews have been mixed. The other is Portillos in Buena Park, which I gather does a pretty good job.