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Old Style beer and stuffed pizza for Super Bowl party

Any new leads on Old Style beer (cans, bottles or keg)? I saw the post from last May but was wondering if anyone had any success. Also are there any places to get a decent stuffed pie, Giordano's style?

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  1. What is Giordano's style ?

      1. There is a place on Lincoln Ave, a couple blocks south of Pico that seems to specialize in Chicago things like this. They've got an Old Style sign in the window. Don't know about the pizza, though. Why not mail order a frozen pizza from Giordano's, Lou Malnatti's, or some place like that back in Chicago? I have heard of places doing that.

        1. Thanks! Looks like mail ordering the pizza is the thing to do. Now i just have to find some Old Style to wash it down.

          1. Well, strictly speaking, I don't think you will find giordano's style anywhere east of chi-town. You may find something close, but most people looking for a slice of home [i.e., NY style bagels/pizza/delis/pastrami; chicago style pizza/dogs, SF style Mission burritos] here in the southland are doomed to disappointment. That said, some damn good stuffed pie can be found at Tony's Little Italy in Placentia. Of course, finding [and muscling down] Old Style beer is another story altogether.

            BTW, there are two restaurants that claim to have imported chi-town fare [specifically, the Italian Beef] to orange county. The first is Chicago's Best in Tustin, although the reviews have been mixed. The other is Portillos in Buena Park, which I gather does a pretty good job.

            1. Here's a brief guide on deep dish/stuffed crust pizza I posted a few days ago...

              Lots more info on all these places if you search.

              As for Old Style, I can't say for sure. I know that the restaurant that the Chicago's Best in Irvine people owned before (Giorgio's of Chicago in Laguna Niguel) used to have it...along with Jay's potato chips and Eli's Cheesecake among other things.

              You might try a place like Mustard's in Los Alamitos and...shoot I forget where there other place is, maybe Long Beach.

              If I were going to get food for a Chicago Bears Super Bowl party, food only, my choices would be simple...Tony's Little Italy for stuffed crust pizza and pasta (maybe a tray of mostaciolli) and Chicago's Best in Irvine for everything else (Italian Beef and Sausage, burgers and hot dogs, etc). Hmm, I might just do that. Go Bears!

              1. Contact the Beverage Warehouse on McConnell just below Culver Blvd in Culver City, over by Play Vista, etc. If they don't have it, they might be able to get you a keg or some cases in time for the game. They have it going on for booze and they are usually pretty friendly. These are liquor guys, it's not a wine shop with microbrews.

                1. If you found something that is more akin to Lou's rather than, say, Domino's version of Lou's, I'm all ears. I only tasted lou's couple years ago, and it was a revelation. My friend was so tickled by my excitement that she sent me frozen ones for Christmas one year. They were delish. Yes, frozen, but if you're a Chicagoan (I'm not, but midwesterner), and you've had the real thing, no Californicated version will cut it. Unless they're from Chicago. Kind of like New York pizza in LA; sorry, no one comes close, even the ones who say they filter their water to be like NY water, yadda yadda. Just mho.

                  Oh, and sometimes having a frozen pizza shipped in from Chi-town is a hundred times easier than driving across the SoCal landscape for a fresh one.

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                    I appreciate the comments, but I think places like Numero Uno and BJ's are "Californicated" versions...but Tony's Little Italy and Chicago Pasta House both have VERY strong Chicago roots despite both being here in SoCal for a long time. Tony had a restaurant in Chicago for a long time and says he has 6 or 7 relatives with Italian restaurants in Chicago and the suburbs. Dino from CPH was one of the original guys at Giordano's (I think)...my opinion is the Chicago pedigree shows in their pizzas and can be matched up favorably with a lot of the best in and around Chicago.

                    When I looked at the Lou's website I fell over when I saw the price for one pizza...now if you order 4 or more it becomes almost reasonable, but still, paying almost $20 a pop for a 9-inch frozen pizza is hard to swallow...even if the pizza itself isn't!

                  2. I wish! If you find it please tell me. I'm planning on going back home next month, mainly to get the deliciousness that is stuffed pizza. Tony's Little Italy in Placentia comes close, but you can't get stuffed pizza with spinach, which is a hallmark of Gio's pizzas and the like.