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Jan 22, 2007 05:56 PM

Oregon Wines-What does that conjure up to you?

I'm interested in What "Oregon Wines" means to the public at large.
(Public being the wine buying/drinking crowd beyond the NW and West Coast). Do you have an opinion, no opinion, curious, loves, hates, etc. There are no wrong answers; I'm wondering how the outside world views our Wine Industry.

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  1. The great wines form Owen Roe and Sineann. Consistently excellent year after year.

    1. I've been enjoying Pinot Noir's from Oregon lately.

      1. Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris.

        1. I love Oregonian Pinot Noirs and for a while Evolution is one of my favorite summer "let's have a glass of wine and sit on the deck" wines.

          1. I'm in nyc, and my image of Oregon wines is favorable, overall....small wineries, careful winemaking, pinots are the wines that are marketed here, higher priced stuff overall (but that's not necessarily a minus if the wines are a good value for the $$). The "Oregon" profile has correlatives in other US wine-growing regions outside of CA, like the Long Island wine-growing region, for example. Boutique wineries, moderate- to expensive $$.