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Vivetha Bistro, Cafe Vert

Anyone been to Vivetha Bistro for brunch? Any comments? A friend wants to go there on Sunday. Just curious. Also, I read some interesting things about Cafe Vert recently. Anyone have any experience with their food?

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  1. I've been to ViVetha for brunch. I wasn't blown away, but I was definitely not disappointed, and would happily return. Good eggs benny for a good price. My mum had scrambled eggs with lox, also quite good, and great value as well.

    1. Cafe Vert has really good food. Note that it's tiny and not well organized, so peak weekend brunch times can be dicey. (That seems to be the case with most places in this area.)

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          North side of Queen, a bit west of Carlaw.

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            Actually it is on Queen just West of Victoria Park. I have been there a couple of times and it really is a lovely spot! The food is excellent and the staff are quite accomodating. I would definately recommend this spot for brunch.

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              No Otonabee! Unless Sasha has opened a second location, Cafe Vert is on Queen between Verrall (1 block west of Carlaw) and Logan.

              I believe you are thinking of Vivetha (which I don't know).

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                My humblest apologies, you are right. I was thinking of ViVetha. My brain read it wrong.

        2. Went to ViVetha Bistro this morning, so thought I would report back.
          I thought overall it was good and I would go back. Very good service. I hade the ViVetha Breakfast which is 3 eggs, bacon, sausage, toast, homefries and fruit. I gave the sausage to my friend, the eggs came over-easy as requested (a bit room temp rather than hot), the homefries were decent, bacon crisp the way I like it, decent fruit, whole wheat toast was fresh and came without the butter as requested (sometimes they forget). The coffee was hot and the restaurant itself is cute and clean. My friend had potato pancakes and cleaned her plate (came with an apple compote and bacon and sausage).
          It was good, not crazy good, but for $6 for my hearty meal and nice service, I would definitely go back.

          1. I had lunch with a friend today at Cafe Vert, the first time there for both of us. The food was excellent, the service friendly and efficient.

            We each had a cup of soup - my friend, an Asian-spiced cabbage soup and I, a coconut carrot puree. Both were very good, although I was happy that I had ordered the latter. For mains, my friend had the classic veggie quesadilla and I had the blue cornmeal/spelt crusted goat cheese and vegetable tart. The quesadilla was very good, the tart excellent. Both were accompanied by nicely dressed garden salads and delicious baked sweet potato "fries."

            We were very impressed by this sweet, charming restaurant (which I understand was recently spruced up), and will definitely return.

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              Hi FG, I had a great time at Cafe Vert about a month ago as well. Did you have coffee? I loved the hint of cardamom they added to it.

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                No, I had a lovely Assam tea. I love coffee with cardamom - in Israel, the Turkish coffee is often flavoured with cardamom (called "hell" in Hebrew).

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                  Interesting. btw, when I was there, I was told that, in relation to the renovations, they were renovating the upstairs for more space and that there would be a private room available upstairs soon. Don't know if she was there when you were there, but our waitress used to work at Pulp Kitchen. I recognized her from there and she is a good waitress. Enjoyed chatting with her.

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                  Yes, the cardamom-flavoured coffee at Cafe Vert is delicious (and I am NOT a fan of flavoured coffee at all). It's a very small, attentive cafe with unique dishes. Lots of pride of ownership.

              2. We had a last minute light meal, quite late, at Vivetha. The service was extraordinary. Warm welcome, bread basket and water glasses kept filled, frequent but not intrusive visits from two servers.

                The chicken breast in a light Gorgonzola sauce with sun dried tomato and a medley of grilled veggies was excellent. When the server said that this would take at least 20 minutes, as it was roasted from scratch, and I started to demur, he checked with the kitchen on his own initiative and they grilled the chicken instead. The roasted version couldn't have been better.

                The spicy chicken/shrimp and lemongrass salad was tasty, with an underlying spice burn. There could have been a little more protein in this $10 app portion, and there was too much dressing (which soaked the greens).

                We will definitely return.

                1. Just came back from my first visit to Vi Vetha and we will definitely be back. I had a delicious egg white omelet and my husband had the burger. It turns out one of the waitresses is an old friend of ours and she encouraged us to come for dinner. Since it's 20 minute walk for us we will definitely consider it. Real food in the beach at last!

                  1. We were back a ViVetha today for what turned out to be a mixed dinner experience. Service was excellent throughout the meal, but the food was all over the map.

                    The chicken egg roll (shared three ways) came with a small green salad and a slightly spicy plum sauce. The eggroll was quite good. The greens were undressed and okay, but boring.

                    The "secret ribs" were deemed all right, but definitely not special. They wouldn't be ordered again.

                    The fusilli with shrimp, scallops, and lobster tail was a miss. The shrimp and scallops were okay, but the small lobster tail was dry and tasteless. The pasta was overcooked.

                    The pistachio crusted grouper, from the daily specials, was the best dish of the three. The fish was fresh and well cooked and the vegetable assortment was lovely. But the pistachio crust couldn't be tasted and the sauce was too sparse.

                    Coffee was excellent.