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Jan 22, 2007 05:31 PM

Any hidden gems in SE valley for a regular night out?

I live in South Chandler and am looking for some good, affordable restaurants to add to our "regular night out" rotation. I feel like I may have exhausted most of the restaurants around here? I am looking for something within a 20 minute drive from Chandler.

Here's a list of some of the restaurants in our "regular" rotation-

Mint Thai Cafe
Sushi Eye
Star of India
Lee's Sandwiches
Saigon Pho and Sun Chinese Dining next door
C-Fu Gourmet for dim sum and China King too
Patsy Grimaldi's

We do the usual Pita Jungle, Wildflower, Jason's Deli, etc. too, but am looking for something different...No Cyclo or Chino Bandido please...

It's sort of a challenge - can anyone suggest a restaurant I haven't tried yet??? Hee hee.... We're open to all different kinds of food - I haven't really found an American/Italian place I like yet...

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  1. We're at Ray and Dobson

    Our regular rotation includes many that you mentioned as well as:

    Cyclo(but i'm with you on No Chino Bandido please!)
    Si Senor
    Tutti Santi

    and I must sheepishly admit to partaking in the $1.99 breakfast at IKEA from time to time! LOL

    1. Instead of Sun Chinese, you might consider Yao Chinese, at teh intersection of Gilbert Rd & Williams Field. There's a Fry's there. The most southern spot in this Z shaped strip mall, and a bit hard to find, but stay on Gilbert Rd. The lo-mein, which they call Chow mein, is a real stand out. We really like this place for standard, good, Chinese food.

      I'm still a big fan of La Stalla in downtown Chandler. I think the pizza is better than Patsy Grimaldi's.

      Istanbul Cafe on apache Road is missing from your list. As is Esposito's for a burrito.

      1. Here's my recommendations for Italian:

        Gilbert Pizza - owner is from Sicily via New York. Good pizza as well as Italian food.
        Just south of Gilbert/Warner.

        Baci - owner is from Calabria. Very good Italian. Small place, packed on weekends. Huge portions - but good food.
        corner of Williams Field/Power

        Tutti Santi - another very good place. Near Dobson/Guadalupe

        Vincitorio's - Another Italian owned place. Owner is from Bari. Homemade pasta.
        SE corner of McClintock and Elliot

        Papa Razzini's - owner from Sicily. Small neighborhood place. Good food.
        Near Guadalupe/McClinkock

        If you want to travel just a bit farther, I would highly recommend Cafe Roma. Awesome food. Another Italian owned place.
        NE corner of Recker/Mckellips.

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        1. re: StuCazzo

          I will second the recommendation for Baci as far as good, reasonable priced Italian food. In the "chain" mexican food category, when we don't fee like driving to Los Dos, Los Sombreros, Richardsons or Barrio, we hit Nandos at Val Vista and Baseline. Ask for the Cazadores and Contrieau Marg! Another place we really like, that has amazing good food is Fibber Magees, the Irish pub at Dobson and Elliot! I wouldn't necessarily put it in your regular rotation, but if you want a little higher end meal, consider trying out Dual at Ray and Power. Pretty inventive contemporary American cuisine.

          Billy Bob

        2. Some possibilities I can think of include the following:

          Efes Turkish Cuisine -- McClintock and Guadalupe, Tempe
          Priya (southern Indian) -- McClintock and Warner, Tempe
          Dooby's (Israeli) -- Dobson and Guadalupe, Mesa

          I've had many good meals at the first two; I haven't gotten to Dooby's yet, but the reviews on this board have been favorable. I had lunch yesterday with some friends who live in your part of town. They've also discovered Dooby's and are very pleased with it.

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          1. re: silverbear

            Had dinner at Dooby's tonight and would definitely recommend it. The pita's and schug are alone almost worth it.

            I'd add:
            Pasand -- Mclintock and Baseline
            Little India (grocery that serves chaat dishes) -- same location as above
            Mielle's Pizza -- McClintock and Guadalupe
            Down Under Wines at Chandler Fashion Mall -- wine bar in back with some interesting appetizers (Kobe beef hotdog)
            Grazie in Scottsdale
            Los Dos Molinos in Mesa
            Siam Orchid, just down the road from Mint Thai -- I think their food is fresher

          2. I'd also add Wong's Chinese at Baseline & McClintock, Miele's (Italian) at Guadalupe & McClintock and Classic Italian Pizza on Baseline & Lakeshore. Miele's does good pizza but they have other dishes as well. Classic is primarily pizza, calzones and salads but they're done in a wood fire oven and are all excellent.