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Vesuvio in Whitestone

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We had a great meal last night at the new restaurant, Vesuvio, opened by the owners of Il Vesuvio in Bayside. It is on 149th St and 12th Ave in Whitestone. It is nothing like the pizza place.It's a large space,[former Mezza Luna] with a totally different menu, something for everyone's taste. We shared a salad that was very good. We always liked the pastas at Il Vesuvio, so that's what we ordered. I had pappadelle with duck ragu, my husband fettuccine with shrimp and crab. They were both excellent. Can't wait to explore more things on the menu.

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  1. I just passed it tonight on my way to Cascon for cheesecake(it is just a few blocks down 149) and was curious when I saw the name on the awning as my family are regulars at the old branch. Can't wait to try it. Are either of the two brothers from Bayside at the new branch?

    1. Funny, Stuart...I just went to Cascon for the first time on Friday (via this sites reccs),and on passing Vesuvio, I said to my boyfriend "I think I have heard of that place", which is when he said, "you heard of it becasue it is the same name as the restaurant on The Sopranos". I shrugged in defeat. But NOW I know...it was not The Soprano's, but Il Vesuvio in Bayside (never been, but have gone past a million times). Glad to read your review, Fran, maybe we will try it soon. Thanks!

      1. I'm pretty sure the chef was one of the brothers. He came out a few times to talk to everyone and ask how everything was. The father was there also. The buzz was that everything was was made there, and it certainly tasted like it was.

        1. ..looking forward to a hearty meal here !!!!!!!!

          1. my husband and i ate here last night - deeelicious. there was even an old italian grandmother type wandering the restaurant. service was good, atmosphere lively, though it was pretty chilly in the front dining area (they had space heaters situated around the place to try to warm it up). we started with the beef carpaccio appetizer ($9) - perfect with baby arugula and thick slices of shaved parm/reggiano cheese, fennel and a few sundried tomatoes. we also had a grilled calmari and shrimp appetizer special - perfectly cooked, served on a bed of romaine lettuce. at first i thought the lettuce was superflous, but it was expertly dressed with light lemon and olive oil which really went well with the smoky grilled flavor of the seafood. for entrees, based on the above recommendation, i had the papardelle pasta with a duck ragout ($16) - fabulous! the pasta tasted homemade/fresh, which is a rarity, and the sauce was perfection. very very flavorful. my husband had a grilled pork chop special, served with broccoli rabe and mashed potato. also delicious and expertly cooked (not too dry!). we will definitely be back. there are so many italian places around, it's nice to actually find one worth returning to.

            1. Have been twice. The food is pretty good, though the service is a bit slow. All the pastas are homemade and yummy.

              1. I just called the bell blvd location to get the phone number of this place (btw, it's 718-767-4730), and they said they have a third restaurant somewhere in Bellerose. I didn't get the info, cuz I'm never in Bellerose, but I'm just letting everyone know....

                The original on bell blvd remains one of my favorite places for pasta in the city, but i only order the fancy expensive specials.

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                  There is a new pizza place on Jamaica Ave, just west of Little Neck pkwy - around 249th st. Didn't make the connection with the other Vesuvios, or I would have tried it sooner!

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                    that pizzeria's pretty good. I don't think it belongs to these guys though. I'm lazy...need to call il Vesuvio and get the address

                2. I am happy to hear that you still enjoy the original Vesuvio, it was you that turned me on to the place in '01 and like so many of your discoveries I'm very grateful. I was there yesterday for the baked clams,veal parm hero and tiramisu. It was all terrific, as usual. You wrote that you enjoy the pasta but only order the fancy expensive specials. Do you mean the fancy pasta specials or one of the non pasta fancy specials such as the whole branzino they offered yesterday? My family usually orders pasta annd sandwiches and rarely venture into the main special entrees. Do you remember anything particularly good I should watch for?

                  1. I never ever order from the menu at the place on bell blvd. Just specials, and the more expensive and unlikely, the better. This is the opposite of my usual modus operandi (not because I'm cheap, but just because specials are often not the best strategy), but here it works. as for anything to watch for, no. It's like Mina...things change. I'm into that, and don't mind an occasional version that's less pleasing to my particular taste.

                    I tried the place in Whitestone. Idunno. Nice place, lots of high value perqs for the much more money. But I'm not sure I liked it enough better to justify the premium. And a lot of the premium touches were things I could live without - tons of butter in the risotto, and just an overall overarching kind of fiddlyness in the cooking.

                    Good place to know about for when a glaring pizza/pasta joint won't do, though. But for that sort of thing, I do Piccoloa Venezia, or, even better, Cono's O'Pescatore.

                    1. Update - the Bellerose Vesuvio IS connected to the other two. There are only a few small tables, so it is more of a take-out spot. We did eat there Friday and enjoyed it. I had eggplant parm, husband had linguini in red clam sauce, daughter had eggplant rollatini. Portions were huge and very good. Before our salads came out, we must have looked hungry, because they sent out a plate of garlic knots and then two large square slices, cut up, so we had sort of an appy before dinner. The pizza was excellent. Great place for takeout or a quick slice.

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                        Is it called "Vesuvio"? Can you recall the address, more or less?

                      2. Yes - it's called Vesuvio. North side of Jamaica Ave/Jericho Tpke (same street), just west of 249th st.