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Jan 22, 2007 05:08 PM

Mariela's Tacos - Tacos sucked, anyone else like the caldo?

Friend talked me into trying out Mariela's on 3rd St, across from Jon's market (3662 W 3rd St). Ordered 6 tacos, 2 of carnitas, 2 of al pastor (abodaba) and 2 carne asada. All 6 were underwhelming - pastor was flavorless, carnitas particularly dry and asada was lacking. Very disappointed, but as I looked around, I saw everyone eating soup. Now, it could have been because it's cold and maybe it's the weekend menudo crowd - but has anyone tried the soup? The bowls were heaping with veggies and meat and looked pretty good. I'd be willing to try this place out again - but just for soup. Thoughts?

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  1. went to Mariela's, and the potential was there, but got stopped by some hard/burnt carne in my tacos...YUCK!

    Peace and cilantro,

    The Taco Inspector

    1. I used to frequent the Mariela's on 3rd and Catalina (same location I think you are talking about) solely for the vegetable soup. It is nothing short of amazing. I used to live three blocks from there and walk over for the soup anything the weather dipped below 60. It reminds me very much of a vegetable/chicken soup I ate in Guatemala in a remote village with no doctor when I was very ill which I credit for potentially saving my life. Lovely light broth, tons of cabbage, carrots, celery, etc.