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Jan 22, 2007 05:06 PM

anti-valentine's day party menu

ok, so i want to throw an anti-valentine's day party. i have a few ideas... but i need help with the menu. here's what i've come up with so far...

- broken heart shaped cookies
- things on skewers
- lots of booze

the party will also include:
- twentysomethings dressed in black
- angsty movies: heathers, the opposite of sex
- awesome anti-love soundtrack

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  1. Types of people you've dated:

    Two-timers: Something double or twice... twice-baked potatoes?

    Back-stabbers: skewered, turned over, gingerbread men? Skewered chicken backs might not be too tasty, unless you leave a thigh or breast attached. Or make voodoo dolls out of gingerbread men with toothpicks through the hearts, or other pertinent parts.

    Jerked chicken.

    Nuts. As in psycho.

    Self-centered: Some sort of canape with something perfectly centered? Could be anything.

    Afraid of commitment chicken wings.

    Ho cakes! Heh.

    Fortune cookies with sayings that, when finished with "in bed", would be applicable to previous partners.

    If you wanted to be really mean, you could put pictures of former SOs with their namesake.

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    1. re: JGrey

      "Self-centered: Some sort of canape with something perfectly centered? Could be anything."

      Mushrooms stuffed with themselves, sometimes called "conceited mushrooms." lots of recipes around for these!

      1. re: JGrey

        very creative JGrey-happy VD Day

      2. I'm not sure why, but for some reason black pasta came to mind. You could have teeny little appetizer cups of squid ink pasta and top with some sort of bright red fresh tomato sauce. Could be cool.

        I think you need something fire-engine red too. I like to add some colour.

        1. Love the theme.

          I thinking hot things.

          Spicy Shrimp
          Oysters with your collection of hot sauces.

          1. things with *LOTS* of (raw)garlic?

            1. Any old supermarket hot dogs. They're LOADED with saltpeter.