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Jan 22, 2007 04:44 PM

Tell me about "Apizz"

Hi there, could someone tell me about Apizz. I made reservations for me and my new GF on Valentines day. I am looking for a cozy romantic setting but never set foot in Apizz. I have been reading some past reviews and found many positive comments.

Thank you

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  1. It is cozy and romantic. Small room w/exposed kitchen/wood oven on one end. Walls are white w/mirrors and plant accents. Food is simple, hearty, rustic Italian and very good. Go to their website for menu ideas and maybe some pictures.

    1. But not quiet. It's a very noisy place. The food is good but I had a big issue with the service, So don't think about lingering, or better yet, don't think about paying your bill unless you've already got your coat on because they'll shoo you out the moment it's paid. My friends and I had the audacity to think we could finish our wine after paying our bill and we were rudely told otherwise. I will never go there again.

      1. Agree with Esyle on the noise and on the poor service. The food is very good but that's it....wouldn't be my choice, therefore, for a romantic V-Day dinner. If Italian is what you are after, perhaps consider Crispo? Not as noisy, never had service issues, and the food is just as good.

        1. Full disclosure - I've never eaten at Apizz, but, I did go to a charity tasting where John LaFemina was making his polpette e pomodori - veal-pork-beef meatballs with ricotta and tomato gravy. They were other-worldly! Maybe worth a visit just for these.

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            The meatballs were actually the best thing I remember having there. Really delicious and rather huge. Still didnt make up for the disaster of a dining experience it was in all other respects.

          2. We had a pleasant time when we went to Apizz for the 1st/last time. They had a really good shrimp appetizer dish and aside from the meatball entree a fairly good rustic lasagna dish which I found better than Bianca's but, not as good as Max's on a good day ( I say in a good day coz the last time I had the lasagna in Max the chef put too much nutmeg on the bechamel sauce so it wasn't as good). The place is rather small and cozy with the perfect lighting for a romantic evening. It just gets a tad too noisy when full. Service was slow but the server was pleasant and knowledgable. Just make sure that they don't book you in the windowless basement which they use for people waiting for tables and is located beside the toilet...downstairs are is good place to have cocktails but, not dinner.