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Jan 22, 2007 04:40 PM

making a maple syrup pecan pie thicker

I've sworn off corn syrup for pecan pies, but the maple syrup version is a bit runny. Is there any way to make it more thick?
I think adding a bit more flour would help, but was wondering if there's a better solution...

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  1. Add another egg yolk.

    1. I'd add another egg/yolk too.

      If you're interested, I have a non-corn syrup pecan pie recipe that's awesome--easy too.

      1. Why give up the corn syrup. I have an amazing old, old recipe with half light and half dark--perfect every time. You're kidding yourself if you think that maple and corn syrups are all that much different.

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        1. re: whit565

          Because the corn syrup version tastes much sweeter and doesn't have the added dimension of the maple syrup version (particularly if you use the lower grade B maple syrup).
          I use the version from Epicurious:

          which has 3 eggs already. Boiling the maple syrup for a little while to make it thicker sounds like a possibility...

          1. re: Spike

            I made a maple syrup pecan pie with grade B for Thanksgiving. I was so excited. Unfortunately, we all agreed that it wasn't worth it. The maple flavor wasn't compelling enough - or didn't add to the pecan flavor enough - to warrant using all that syrup. I'm going back to corn syrup, or trying Candy's brown sugar version.

            But the pie wasn't runny at all. The recipe was from Bon Appetit a while back so probably on Epicurious - I threw out my copy.

        2. I have a very old recipe which predates corn syrup. The pecan pie just uses brown sugar and eggs.

          1. How about using cane (or is it cain? I'm having one of my "moments"...oh my) syrup like Steen's or Lyle's? I've made pecan pie with Lyle's a few times with much success.