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Paseo Palms in Palm Desert

I was out in Palm Desert this weekend and checked out Paseo Palms for dinner. The food was great and there was a great atmosphere! I was pleasantly impressed. The calamari was yummy!


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  1. Can you say a bit about the type of food and prices? Their website has no such info.

    1. Yes, what type of food do they have.

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        We actually spoke with the owner and manager while we were there, and they said that they are still working on the website as they were having problems with it. They have only been open a bit over a week, now.

        We actually tried the Calamari Appetizer, Seared Ahi Appetizer, Onion Ring Stack with Blue Cheese Crumbles and Roquefort Dressing, Salad with a Red Wine Dressing, Satay Trio, I think someone in our party had a steak and also a Chicken Club sandwich on this really good parmesan bread with the best french fries. I would just describe it as maybe just standard American Cuisine. Everything we tasted was great!

        They also have a really cute "Cabana Bar" in the back. They had a great late night crowd.

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          How about a word or two about prices?

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            ummm . . . okay, I obviously did not pay enough attention. I wasn't the one paying . . . and I had a few drinks! =0) Sorry, I shouldn't have suggested it without more information. I do remeber the Ahi appetizer was $11.00. Don't ask me why that sticks out in my mind. I think I remember the drinks being in the $8-9.00 range. Our bill was like $280.00, but that was for like 7 people and lots of drinks.

      2. I went to the Paseo Palms for its soft opening. The food was GREAT!!! A couple of weeks later I had my 51st birthday dinner there with 20 guests. Again the food was GREAT. The asparagus speared shrimp and the shrimp scampi is a must. The calamari and the Thai chicken wraps are awesome. And dont miss out on the crabcakes. The main course for me was the scallops. PERFECT! My guests all tried different entrees and everyone was very happy. The bill was under $900, with tip, which was very reasonable. The quality of the food, the service and the atmosphere was a 10+. I live in Orange County and plan on having dinner at Paseo Palms at least once a month. It's worth the drive.

        1. Where did the chef come from? Very exciting to have a decent restaurant on El Paseo!

          1. You can actually view their full menu online at their website now.

            1. My wife and I went for dinner there last night based on the recomendations here. What a disaster. First we called ahead and was told we could walk in at 7pm. We got there and were told we had to wait 15-20 minutes. When we were finally seated we ordered. When the waiter told my wife that the white fish was the best dish and that no one had ever sent it back that should have been a clue. We waited for some time for our food.
              My soup fnally arrived. Two second later they brought our entrees. We sent them back. The whole time I ate my soup I could see our food sitting on a shelf in the open kitchen getting cold. The soup was a shrimp bisque and was really good. The problem was that the menu said it came in a ciabatta bread bowl. There was no bread anywhere to be seen. I asked the hostess and waiter. The waiter took the hit. He said it was his fault, he should have asked if I wanted the bread, which I dont buy. I asked for the bread, he said it was still in the oven.
              We got our food. My wife's was good. Mine was cold with rubber scallops. I sent it back. They said thay would make another. 15-20 minutes later and the dish came back, warm, but still rubber scallops.
              Our waiter was really nice and understanding. You could see the chaos all around. He gave us a free dessert and was very apologetic. I know the place is only a few weeks old, but it is a mess. It ruined our night out. Stay away.

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                I'd hate to think of how many great dining experiences you may have missed by writing off restaurants on the basis of one visit, especially when the visit was early on, in the life of the place. The restaurant busines is generally chaotic by nature & sometimes the chaos hits the dining room, but Paseo Palms has really shined since and things look very good for the future of the restaurant.
                You really should give it another go.

              2. We just went to Paseo Palms Bar a couple of Saturdays ago. I was really impressed with the place. We had been there before when it was the Pinnacle. The new owners have really made the place into a beautiful new spot. It’s very Palm Beach with sexy black and white strips all over the place. Our server “Christy” told us it was designed by a Hollywood set designer.

                The place was really pretty busy when we got there but we were seated immediately. Our server, Christy, gave us impeccable service. I had the Citrus White Fish and I think it’s probably the best fish I’ve ever eaten. My wife had the Chicken Panini and she loved it. I tried her French fries (my dinner didn’t have fries) and they were to die for!

                After dinner we went into the bar. It was really crowded but we were able to get a cabana to ourselves, for a couple of minutes. Another couple that was there for the first time asked to share our table, and we were very fortunate to meet our new friends TC and Kate. There was a DJ on the patio, and the place rocked out. We stayed until about 1:00 am dancing and partying. Our dinner bill was under $60 including drinks and tips (I tipped pretty well since our service was so good). Our bar bill was about the same, but TC and I took turns buying drinks so I’m not sure how many I bought.

                Anyways, I have to say that Paseo Palms is one of my new all time favorite spots and you’ll be seeing me kicking back in their Cabana Bar a lot more from now on.

                1. We couldn't get into our favorite Italian restaurant last night, so we tried Paseo Palms. Honestly, we walked in and saw the place virtually empty at 6:30, we almost turned around and left. We were so glad we didn't. I guess it is just new and still building clientele, but we really hope the restaurant makes it based on the quality of the experience. Due to a friend's food allergies, the chef came out to discuss the menu with him personally, so he didn't inadvertently eat anything he'd have a reaction to. He was extremely gracious. Three of us ordered the Prime Rib special. It was melt in your mouth tender and came with the best horseradish sauce I've ever had. A bonus was the price. It was $20 for the dinner (including mashed potatoes, asparagus and carrots, as well as choice of soup or salad.) Our friend ordered the pistacio crusted rack of lamb ($28 ala carte) and it was delicious (we all share!!). The chef really knows his sauces.
                  Oh, we also started with the asparagus speared grilled shrimp ($14 I think). Outstanding. And we all shared the banana split at the end (plenty for four, $14). Incredible. I know it sounds like I'm gushing, but I'd really like for people to give this place a try. We need a good restaurant in this location and hope to go back to enjoy this one for years to come. Please try it. By the way, service was outstanding. They work very well as a team to make sure you are taken care of.