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Jan 22, 2007 04:13 PM

Who has the best beer selection in North Bergen, NJ?

I am finally moving to Tenafly, NJ this weekend from NYC and I am looking for a good place where they have a good selection of beers.

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  1. Best beer bar in the state is in nearby Bogota.

    There's also a branch of FIREWATERS in Hackensack- lots of draft beers, but reviews of the place I've read are similar to those of the one in Atlantic City - it's a weird scene, not really "beer-centric" and with so many beers on tap, things can be hit or miss.

    (On the other hand, NJ is sadly lacking in a good draft beer scene and seems to depend on Phila. and NYC.)

    1. Sorry, I meant a place where I can get a good selection of beers. like a liquor store that specialize in beer.

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        If you are looking for someplace local that you can just go into for a sixer or two you may want to check out Murphy's in the Closter Plaza (near the Radioshack). Keep in mind that it is like a lot of the other local liquor stores/ wine shops that have a limited selection of beers in the cooler case, but they're quite good when seen in that context. In most of the places in Tenafly, Cresskill, etc. you will just be able to get some Sam Adams and Sierra Nevada selections and precious little else, but Murphy's also carries Stone, Smuttynose, Sly Fox and a bunch more.

        1. Home Liquors in Hackensack, very variable but usally pretty good. There's also a store in the Lindwood Plaza Route 9W, Ft Lee (w/the Kings Supermarket), that has been pretty good but lately they seem to be giving up the ghost.

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            That's Smart Buy, and it sure seemed that way the last time I was in there, however...a friend of mine is a loyal regular customer and he says that they tend to go through phases where it just seems that way. I haven't figured out how to tell when they will have full inventory, but when they do it is the best place in the area.

            1. re: TongoRad

              Update on Smart Buy- the friend that I posted about above says that, in his opinion, they're done for. The beer guy, Jon, is no longer working there and he was the driving force behind that section (in terms of keeping up with the latest releases, etc.) The reason it was an erratic place in the past was because he would be on vacation for a few weeks, that sort of thing.

              FWIW- I recently was at Home Liquors in Hackensack and they are still a good place to shop.

          2. Total Wine and More, just off Rt. 4 at Kinderkamack Rd. has a pretty good beer selection. Probably a 15 minute drive. There's also a Bottle King diagonally across River St. from Sears. Take Rt 4 to River Rd. in Teaneck. Turn right and then right again on Cedar Lane. Cross the river and Bottle King will be on the corner on your left. These two places are about 5 minutes apart. By the way, North Bergen is a town in and of itself. Northeast Bergen County is where Tenafly is located