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Jan 22, 2007 04:10 PM

Planter's Cheez Balls

Does anyone know if these still exist? They came in a blue can with a yellow lid and were the best mixture of artificially cheesiness that I have ever put into my mouth.

I've found that the puffs (like cheese doodles) and curls (like Cheetos) just don't compare to the taste sensation of the balls.

I believe Utz makes a ball but sadly they dissapointed. Any suggestions to serve as a replacement for my childhood friend?

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  1. I am almost 90% sure that Planter's still makes these. I used to buy them at Target all the time. Sitting in front of the TV with that gigantic can of Cheez Balls is the best. OOh, with a soda too.

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    1. re: lamster

      Alas, I think we all may be disapointed. According to this site, they have been sent to the junk food graveyard:

      Oh the anticipation after you popped the lid off and opened the the metal ring freshness seal...

      1. re: dddhokie

        I too started doing research and was sad to see that they were discontinued. :( If I manage to find some at the dollar store or big lots, I will be sure to let you all know.

      2. re: lamster

        do you know if we have it here in the Phil.? I really crave for it... It was like searching all the supermarket nearby but I cannot found any planter's cheese balls for years. =(

      3. Oh you HAD to and mention those things. Dang. I may have to go to Target tomorrow and see if they have any.

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        1. re: Candy

          Let me know if you happen to find any at Target. It would make my year!

        2. I haven't seen these in a while! I loved cheez balls. So much better than the cheez curls (or whatever planters calls the straight ones). The best part is licking the "cheez" of your fingers after consuming the entire can!

            1. re: bethd127

              I haven't had these in at least five years, so why am I so incredibly sad about this news?

              1. They're being discontinued explains why I've seen them at Big Lots, though I haven't been to one recently.