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Jan 22, 2007 04:10 PM

Places to eat in Columbia SC

I have a friend who is heading to Columbia for work over the next few weeks. Are there any restaurants that shouldn't be missed? Food the city is known for?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Zesto's (several locations) for great broasted/fried chicken, not bad hamburgers either.

    Little Pigs BBQ for some excellent pork BBQ. It's and all-u-can-eat buffet. Out on Alpine road near the Blue Cross Blue Shield tower.

    1. Whoa, what happened to the website? Friend have preferences? How far are they willing to travel? All three meals?

      1. Terra is a relativley new restaurant there that is doing some pretty good food if you're looking for a nice meal. Sandy's Slaw Dogs are great, you'll see them all over town. Gervais & Vine is a decent tapas bar in the vista and Mr Friendly's in five points is also worth a look. Enjoy. Also, check out Goatfeathers in five points for a good pint of beer, a great coffee drink, of a piece of cheescake.

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          I agree regarding Terra. They have really elevated their game, and are now serving some really nicely prepared fresh, local food.
          Mr. Friendly's is an excellent choice. Cellar on Greene is in the same building as Friendly's and is a great little spot, too, - a wine bar with a limited but excellent menu.
          Divino on Gervais Street is excellent for high-end italian food.
          Rosso is also great for a more modern presentation of italian cuisine, and Solstice in the Northeast is nice.
          Baan Sawaan and Hampton Street Vineyard are solid for a nice dinner, too.
          I am a big, big fan of Hunter-Gatherer, too, a brewpub in view of the State House on South Main St. with a cool but relaxed neighborhood vibe and pretty darn good food. Also on South Main is Al-Amir, a really nice mediterranean place (no alcohol, though).
          For fast food, I am a fan of Zesto's, Angelo's, and Edna's on River Drive.
          Palmetto Pig is overrated, but not bad for BBQ. It's mustard-based, though, so be forewarned. That's not everyone's cup of tea.

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            Yeah, chef Mike over at Terra is really hittin' on all cylinders right now. It's my go-to place for a good dinner.

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          1. Thanks for the tips. He will be there for work so I would think it would just be dinner or a quick lunch. Not knowing where the plant is he is visiting i really don't know how far he would be willing to drive. I am trying to make sure he goes into the job with as much intelligence as possible!! (nothing is worse then being in a new city and not knowing where to eat and ending up at chillis, applebees, crackerbarrel etc or any of the other chains that are sure to disappoint)

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              OK point well taken. So, if you could, post the plant location as "quick" is integral to location. We are here to help! And dinner - travel how far for what strikes his fancy?