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Denver Near the Adam's Mark Downtown [Moved from Midwest Board]

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Three nights no car. Can anyone recommend one fine, cool scene and anything simple, down home, and ethnic nearby?

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  1. Try Bistro Vendome in Larimer Square.

    1. I'll second Bistro Vendrome. Larimer Square and LoDo offer you many,many choices. Here are a few more:

      Rioja (great)
      Samba Room
      Vesta's (great)
      Panzano (great)

      1. agree with those listed.

        rialto cafe
        sushi han

        il fornaio- it's a chain, but i still like them

        1. Adams Mark is on the 16th St. Mall, and there is a free shuttle that runs the length of the mall, so all of downtown is available to you.

          I personally think no trip to Denver is complete without a trip to the Wynkoop for Microbrews. OK food, great beers, and cool atmosphere (it is a pool hall upstairs).

          Paramount Cafe is almost right across from the Hotel, and is a pretty good scene. Usually pretty crowded, and lively. Decent food.

          Stop and get a drink (and if you are there around 10-12, great Happy Hour Food) at the Cruise Room in the Oxford Hotel. Unspoiled Art Deco style, that has been the same since the place opened (the day prohibition was abolished).

          For food, I would recommend Rioja, Jax Seafood (don't be intimidated about not being on a coast everything is very fresh), Vesta (like the others recommended above).

          Check out http://www.westword.com. Their dining recommendations are trustworthy.

          1. Thanks! How about any holes in the wall, old-fashioned, especially Denver type of places. I'm coming from Miami and have not experienced cold weather in 15 years -- I grew up in it though -- are there any places that will feel cozy with fire and soup?

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              I don't know that there is such a thing as an "old fashioned Denver type of place!" Don't know of any with fires either. But, I do know of two dynamite pubs. The Squealing Pig in Cherry Creek has a fine selection of Irish Whiskey, good food and a nice warm, cozy atmosphere. Pints Pub near the Denver Art Museum has a collection of 250 Scotch Whiskys which can keep anyone warm! Also, very nice beer and the food is good.

            2. if you're wandering down to Cherry Creek, you might want to try El Sol Mediterraneo...it is agreat tapas bar with excellent wine. it has a very warm and inviting atmosphere.

              1. Heard great things about Steubens which I think is on Market St. It is technically less than a year old, but is a recreation of an old restaurant of the same name in the same location. Very "old school" vibe from what I heard.

                True old school eats (don't know why I didn't recommend this before) is the Broker restaurant. Good steaks, and a huge Peel and Eat Shrimp bowl are included in the all inclusive (including desert) price (which is quite reasonable). This place will feel cozy with a fire (and excellent French onion soup). I would eat dinner here, then go for a night cap at the hotel bar at the Brown Palace Hotel (which is a definite landmark in Denver). The "Ships Tavern" is definitely old school, with leather chairs, and cigar smoking allowed (encouraged). Not divey, but somewhat a hold in the wall (in a 5 star sort of way).

                If you want hole in the wall for drinking (and live jazz), don't miss "El Chapultec". It is a tiny place, and pretty well known, so it is busy. It is a really neat place, and the Jazz is usually pretty great (like a 4 piece band with a Stand up bass, Sax, Piano, and Drummer).

                If you are bar hopping, at the end of the night, there will be burrito vendors outside on the streets hawking cheap eats. I spend the $2 for a Potato and Green Chile slab of love from the cooler. That is an authentic Denver experience (I like "Nancy's Fancy's" burritos, but they are all pretty good).

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                  No smoking cigars or anything else in The Ships Tavern since the statewide no-smoking law went into effect last year.

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                    Right you are, forgot about the ban.

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                      True, you may not smoke in the Ship Tavern, but you may puff to your heart's content in the tetosterone-charged Churchill bar at the Brown Palace.

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                      Steuben's is actually located at 523 E. 17th Ave. at Pearl St., in the Uptown 'hood, just East of downtown. It's sylishly retro with an Americana menu to match. The space was originally an old autobody garage, and owners Josh and Jen Wolkon have done a fabulous job of turning it into a groovy nieghborhood joint with verve and energy, clever cocktails and the best deviled eggs. Ever.

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                        What restaurant am I thinking of then (if its not Steubens). I think it might be right next door to Sam's #5 (maybe operated by the same family)?

                        They rehung the restaurants old (huge) sign in front.

                        Sorry about the mixup. 6 months removed from Denver. I guess my memory isn't as good as I thought it was.

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                        Thanks to everyone.
                        This is just what I was requesting.
                        Are there any other authentic Denver experiences?
                        What is the cooler? Is it cold?

                      3. Palette's in the Denver Art Museum, a Kevin Taylor restaurant, is open concurretly with museum hours. While your there, visit the new Hamilton Building, a dramatic building housing the museum's notewortht modern and Southwestern collections. Very cool, but neither "simple" nor "ethnic."

                        If you need a to-go somthing, try Cooks Fresh Market on 16th and Glenarm. Very busy at lunch. Read about it at http://culinary-colorado.blogspot.com....

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                          Great idea. I always forget about this place (since it was closed during construction)

                        2. Just a couple of FYI's - Stuebens is on 17th and around either Logan or Penn.

                          Are you sure there is no cigar smoking allowed in the Ships Tavern? There is an exception on the statewide smoking ban for "cigar bars." For instance the bar in Sullivans Steakhouse allows smoking. I don't smoke so am not to sure on the details.

                          Cherry Creek would be a cab ride away from the Adams Mark

                          I agree with the recs on Vesta, Wynkoop, and pretty much anyplace in Larimer Square. Unfortunately there are not to many hole in the wall type places left downtown.

                          Have fun!

                          1. In this week's Westword (http://www.westword.com), Jason Sheehan reviewed a newish English-Pakistani pub called the British Bulldog (http://www.britishbulldogdenver.com/). Setting is a classic old bar -- long the Punch Bowl, then the Stout Pub -- with the latest incarnation, according to Sheehan, "is tastefully decorated in the hand-me-down style of ex-pat pubs the world over." He liked the food too.

                            1. I'm not sure where you're visiting from, but many of the places recommended here would be a cab ride (So. Pearl, Cherry Creek) or a 16th St. Mall free shuttle ride (LoDo, where the Wynkoop and other landmarks are located), depending on the weather. It's been so cold, snowy, and icy this year that our usual concept of "walking distance" might be outdated. You'll want to be prepared for very cold weather (with the windchill temperatures can drop quite quickly in some of those concrete canyons downtown at night) and ask at the desk how far a walk it would be. When it's 30 degrees out, I'm happy to walk several blocks; when it's 10 and windy, I need to know if it's within three blocks or a cab ride.

                              And simple, down home, and ethnic within walking distance of the Adam's Mark leave me thinking of little but burritos and possibly Japanese around Sakura Square. But I'm not an expert on that 'hood. Otherwise there's much more in the way of pub food and upscale eateries around that neighborhood. In LoDo, McCormick's Fish House has good deals for happy hour but the food isn't stellar; Jax Fish House is loud but has very burgers and fish, and I love the microbrews and shepherd's pie at the Wynkoop.

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                                Unfortunately for me, I'm coming from Miami! I haven't experienced real
                                wintry weather in 15 years!

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                                  I just sent my girlfriend and her dad to the Wynkoop on your rec, thanks!
                                  They were very happy with the lamb shepherd's pie....

                                  This whole thread is totally useful for someone coming in for the weekend..next up, Bistro Vendome...