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Jan 22, 2007 04:03 PM

Denver Near the Adam's Mark Downtown [Moved from Midwest Board]

Three nights no car. Can anyone recommend one fine, cool scene and anything simple, down home, and ethnic nearby?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Try Bistro Vendome in Larimer Square.

      1. I'll second Bistro Vendrome. Larimer Square and LoDo offer you many,many choices. Here are a few more:

        Rioja (great)
        Samba Room
        Vesta's (great)
        Panzano (great)

        1. agree with those listed.

          rialto cafe
          sushi han

          il fornaio- it's a chain, but i still like them

          1. Adams Mark is on the 16th St. Mall, and there is a free shuttle that runs the length of the mall, so all of downtown is available to you.

            I personally think no trip to Denver is complete without a trip to the Wynkoop for Microbrews. OK food, great beers, and cool atmosphere (it is a pool hall upstairs).

            Paramount Cafe is almost right across from the Hotel, and is a pretty good scene. Usually pretty crowded, and lively. Decent food.

            Stop and get a drink (and if you are there around 10-12, great Happy Hour Food) at the Cruise Room in the Oxford Hotel. Unspoiled Art Deco style, that has been the same since the place opened (the day prohibition was abolished).

            For food, I would recommend Rioja, Jax Seafood (don't be intimidated about not being on a coast everything is very fresh), Vesta (like the others recommended above).

            Check out Their dining recommendations are trustworthy.