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Jan 22, 2007 04:01 PM

Best Sushi in Chicago?

I need to get a gift certificate for a friend and am wondering what is considered to be Chicago's best sushi restaurant. Price/neighborhood are not important.

I have heard good things about Mirai from a friend who ate there, but who is not from Chicago and would not have had opportunity to try other places. Were does that fit on a list of Chicago's best?

Any help would be greatly appreciated - thanks in advance.

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  1. Mirai is excellent, you definitely can't go wrong with a gift certificate from there.

    Another option, although it is not only sushi, would be Japonais. Japonais has excellent sushi, but also other non-sushi dishes - its menu owes a lot to Nobu. Mirai and Japonais have the best sushi I've had in Chicago.

    I've also heard really good things about Meiji, but I've never been.

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      1. Mirai and Japonais have the almost the same sushi since they are owned by the same person. Many of their sushi menu items are the same.

        In my opinion, Mirai is indeed the best sushi in Chicago. It is pretty tuna heavy with bluefin, chuturo (medium fatty), and oturo (fatty) on the menu.

        They have very creative rolls too. The food here is pristinely fresh. Also, there was a recent article in the Tribune that tested mercury content in fish and Mirai scored quite well compared to other well known places.

        It's a great gift certificate as Mirai, given its quality, is a more expensive than many of the other sushi places, making it more of a "special" sushi place for those on a tighter budget.

        1. My favorite is still the old standby Kamahachi - either old town or northbrook

          1. I also love Agami in Uptown - it's amazing. Great decor, wonderful sushi. Reminds me of SushiSambaRio, but better sushi than there.