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Jan 22, 2007 03:54 PM

Driving from North Adams East on Route 2 towards Boston

Any good <i>Road Food</i> type places along the way? Dog or burger joints??

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  1. Until you get to the Leominster area, there isn't much of anything. You will be going through some very small towns that have some diners. When you get to the Gardner area, there will be a few places.

    Do you prefer a burger place? Right in Gardner center (about 1.5 miles from route 2) there's a new place: The Gardner Ale House (I think). People on this board say it's good.

    What are you hoping to see/find?

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    1. re: puppymomma

      Hoping to see or find - ideally some sweet, independent hot dog, or roast beef joints, burger joints, to get a quick bite and some local flavor, and then get back on the road...

      1. re: fethers10

        It is about a 10 minute drive off Rt 2 (over the bridge to Turners Falls then up the hill to the airport) but there is a place across from the TF airport that has GREAT sauerkraut hotdogs- I get one every time I go back. That would be my top recommendation if you are looking for local flavor! Otherwise, right before Charlemont heading east there is a Trailer Park with a restaurant; you'd never guess from looking, but I hear they have wonderful food. There is also a new place next to the Post Office in Charlemont that advertises great lunch deals. I agree that Cafe Martin in Shelburne has fabulous burgers, though it is a little more than a burger joint (but perfect for local flavor). Cafe Martin is pretty much a must if you are in Shelburne, since Bottle of Bread burnt down. The Bridge Street Cafe in Shelburne also has its high points. It is amazing how much good food can be found in those hill towns; food I actually have to hunt for since moving to Boston (of course, I drive back just to get it!)

        1. re: wmassnative

          Bottle of Bread burned down? Oh no! It was a favorite of mine in that area. When? Do you think they'll be back?

          1. re: altobarb

            Nope. Bottle of Bread will not be back in Shelburne Falls. A couple of the owners ARE opening a new place in Greenfield, however. It is to be named Hope and Olive. No word yet on when this will happen.

    2. I don't know if it's there in the winter, but there's a polish food truck parked at an intersection, and I'm sorry I don't even know what town it's in, but I think it's around the Shelburne area. There's a Mobil station and a Honda motorcycle dealer at a set of lights and across the street is a little parking lot where it's usually parked. It's on the eastbound side of the road.

      There used to be the Whistle Stop diner in Erving (I think?) but that's closed. And there was the Starlight Diner (a new-fangled retro diner) but last I drove by, that was closed too.

      There are a few diners in Leominster/Fitchburg, but they are along Route 9.

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      1. re: dukegirl

        dukegirl, Rte 9 is not in the Leominster/Fitchburg area. Maybe you're thinking of Rte. 2A (and that's basically just Fitchburg)?

      2. Not exactly a road food joint, but Cafe Martin in Shelburne Falls has the most delicious burgers I have ever eaten. Granted, I do work there, but I completely stand by my statement. And the town itself is just plain cute.

        1. O.K., let's try this one again (502 proxy error, whatever the hell that is)

          Going from west to east:

          In Greenfield, as has been posted many times, is the great People's Pint.

          In Erving, what was the Starlight Diner is now the Smokin' Hippo and has in interesting menu but we haven't eaten there, as of yet.

          In Gill, the Polish place is called Skip's Roadside Diner and is seasonal.

          Over THAT bridge is Turners Fall and the terrific Shady Glen Diner.

          Lastly, as previously posted, in Gardner is the Ale House and they're doing it right..

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          1. re: Harp00n

            Since I make the Route 2 ride quite a bit, is Skip's Roadside Diner any good? I love a good pierogie.

            1. re: KnittingShaker

              Absolutely, Skip's has been there a long time.

              1. re: Harp00n

                A Polish-Am friend reports that it had some sort of change (ownership?) and got less interesting a few years ago. I missed the earlier phase, but it's still worth a stop for the basics.

                1. re: Aromatherapy

                  Well it IS pretty basic to begin with, lol, but thanks for the update

                  1. re: Harp00n

                    I recently heard of another Polish trailer that is somewhere in Turner's Falls seasonally? maybe next to the post office? I was told they have great golompki.

                    1. re: wmassnative

                      Then we'll have to find it, won't WE? :-)

          2. Yknow what, we tried Jack's Hot Dogs in downtown North Adams, and it was fantastic. Prices straight out of the 70s, and a gritty, factory town lunch time feel, complete with fast counter top service and patties molded onsite, all cooked directly in front of you while you wait.

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            1. re: fethers10

              Jack's is a North Adams landmark and rightfully so. If you went down to Pittsfield you'd find several places very similar to Jack's.

              1. re: Harp00n

                I've concluded that whenever I need to know where to eat, I'll ask you, I so enjoy your reviews. Is there any place in NE you haven't tried? : - )

                1. re: othervoice

                  Why othervoice, you're too kind. You're also making me blush, really. Other than Central & Southern Ct. I do seem to get around don't I!. But I assure you there's whole lot of uncharted territory out there for me. That, in great part, seems to be nicely covered by TonyO & TGB, aka thegolferbitch, among others.

                  For example there's Mary's at Balwin Creek which has always been at or near the top in any listing for Vt. for about twenty years. And yet, I've haven't ever been to either their old or new location.

                  1. re: Harp00n

                    yes, I do enjoy the three T's reviews very much. I don't get to VT too often either, but I'm looking forward to driving up to Maine and trying out a few of the top recs.