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Jan 22, 2007 03:54 PM

Vegetarian Gluten-Free Restaurant Rec in East Village?

A gluten-intolerant vegetarian friend is coming to town and I have to figure out where to feed her. Any suggestions in the East Village?

Nb, we don't have to go to a 100% gluten free restaurant, it just has to be somewhere where the staff understands the concept and has some relevant food on the menu.

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  1. counter on first av between 6th and 7th. all vegetarian, i think gluten free as well, full bar, very nice selctions and good food.

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      Loved Counter...and I'm a carnivore.

    2. Asia de Cuba
      Owners: China Grill Management
      Head Chef: Bradley Day
      Contact Person: Kide Ndiaye

      237 Madison Avenue
      (At 37th Street)
      New York, New York 10016
      United States

      Cuisine: Asian/Latin Fusion
      Price Range: $23.00 -- 52.00
      (212) 726-7755
      (212) 726-7575

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      Sponsoring Support Group: Westchester Celiac Sprue Support Group

      Asia de Cuba's unique sharing menu features an innovative fusion of Asian and Latin cuisine. Be sure to ask for the special Gluten Free menu.

      1. Angelica Kitchen is great, the food is creative and delicious. They have a vegetarian/mostly organic menu, and the staff is really good at providing info. on what is gluten free. If they don't know, they'll check in the back.

        It is at 300 E. 12th St.

        1. I second Angelica Kitchen. You can't go wrong there.

          1. Angelica Kitchen is great but if you don't mind a short trip uptown... Candle Cafe,, 1307 Third Avenue at 75th Street, New York 10021 Phone (212) 472-0970 , has a gluten free menu on request. The food is fresh and organic and delicious.