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Vegetarian Gluten-Free Restaurant Rec in East Village?

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A gluten-intolerant vegetarian friend is coming to town and I have to figure out where to feed her. Any suggestions in the East Village?

Nb, we don't have to go to a 100% gluten free restaurant, it just has to be somewhere where the staff understands the concept and has some relevant food on the menu.

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  1. counter on first av between 6th and 7th. all vegetarian, i think gluten free as well, full bar, very nice selctions and good food.

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      Loved Counter...and I'm a carnivore.

    2. Asia de Cuba
      Owners: China Grill Management
      Head Chef: Bradley Day
      Contact Person: Kide Ndiaye

      237 Madison Avenue
      (At 37th Street)
      New York, New York 10016
      United States

      Cuisine: Asian/Latin Fusion
      Price Range: $23.00 -- 52.00
      (212) 726-7755
      (212) 726-7575


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      Sponsoring Support Group: Westchester Celiac Sprue Support Group

      Asia de Cuba's unique sharing menu features an innovative fusion of Asian and Latin cuisine. Be sure to ask for the special Gluten Free menu.

      1. Angelica Kitchen is great, the food is creative and delicious. They have a vegetarian/mostly organic menu, and the staff is really good at providing info. on what is gluten free. If they don't know, they'll check in the back.

        It is at 300 E. 12th St.

        1. I second Angelica Kitchen. You can't go wrong there.

          1. Angelica Kitchen is great but if you don't mind a short trip uptown... Candle Cafe,, 1307 Third Avenue at 75th Street, New York 10021 Phone (212) 472-0970 , has a gluten free menu on request. The food is fresh and organic and delicious.

            1. Another place to try is Caravan of Dreams, on 6th street between 1st and A. About half of the menu is raw/live food, the other half is organic vegetarian, with many gluten free options, although it isn't a gluten free establishment.

              1. The BEST GF resturant in the city that is the most careful in their kitchen is Rissotteria. They have more options than any other restaurant. They also list everything on their menu that is GF and Veg. I have celiac disease and I have taken many people to this place with the same issues and they have all loved it, most importantly they could relax while eating out.

                1. Wrong Village, but you could try Red Bamboo. They have several gluten-free options, and the whole menu's veg.

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                  1. Rissotteria - my wife is celiac (gluten intolerant) and she LOVES rissotteria- i think they have gluten free pizzas there too- gluten free sammiches, breads, breadsticks, heaven for a celiac. enjoy fb

                    1. LOVE Risotteria - was just there last night, yum YUM! Had to take a bag of their delectable GF breadsticks home...addicting!

                      1. Risotteria IS great, but again, wrong side of town. My top choices are: Counter (quite inventive), Angelica Kitchen (classic, healthful, reliable), and Lan Cafe (very good, super cheap).

                        1. I don't think Risotteria is all that great. It is ok, and great when you are feeling deprived of all the starchy foods that you used to eat, but the cuisine is heavy-handed, IMO. The food is too heavy and starchy, does not have a lot of finesse, and the deserts are way too sickeningly sweet, and that is coming from someone who has an unbeatable sweet tooth. Maybe it's just that GF people are so desperate to eat anything close to what they used to know and love, that they feel so grateful to be able to eat pizza or pasta again.

                          I agree with the suggestion of Angelica's Kitchen. Just let them know about the dietary restriction so they can make suggestions. This restaurant is superb and deserves to be rated among the best restaurants in New York. I would also highly recommend Pure Food and Wine. (54 Irving Place between 17th and 18th) It is a raw vegetarian restaurant and though it is a bit pricey the food is out of this world and so inventive, the deserts are spectacular, and I believe that everything there is gluten-free, since it is raw. I would just tell them about the dietary restriction so you can be absolutely sure.

                          Another suggestion I might add in case your friend is staying with you for a while, is to pick up some Gluten Free bread and muffins from the freezer case at Whole Foods. It is thier brand (Whole Foods Gluten Free Bakery), and thier GF breads are simply the best on the market. What a treat it was when I visited a friend in Colorado who provided me with bread, brownies and cookies when I arrived! There is also a wonderful bake shop called Baby Cakes on the Lower East Side that makes fantastic GF cupcakes, cakes, brownies, etc (248 Broome Street, between Ludlow & Orchard). They cater to many allergies and restrictions, so you have to ask which products are GF, and get there early for the best selection.

                          1. when risotteria first opened, i asked them about their stock for the vege risottos etc and they said that all stocks had a chicken base. i never ate there as a result. maybe they changed the policy by now but i'd check if any real vegetarians are interested.

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                              IIRC, they have one or two risotto dishes with veggie stock. It should be written on the menu.