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Jan 22, 2007 03:40 PM

Calgary and Banff suggestions

I'll be in Calgary for about 24 hours - 2 lunches and 1 dinner.
Banff for 5 days.
Plan on eating at Eden once and perhaps Fuze once. Would like any suggestions for Calgary or Banff that anyone may have. Looking for a mix of great food in a comfortable setting mixed with high end.
Anyone with a recent Eden experience to share?
Thanks in advance.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. phoodee:

      Not a personal recommendation because I have not been but a friend and his wife were thoroughly taken and satisfied with their week-end at the Rimrock and the cuisine at Eden.

      I understand that Chef Yoshi has either left or will be leaving so do not know if that will have affect it.

      Will be interested in reading about Fuze. I have heard good things about it but usually second or third or fourth hand.

      Have not been to Banff for a long time but it is one I would like to try.

      Lots of Calgarians here so will leave the suggestions to them except to say that my favourites are Capo, Divino Wine and Cheese, River Cafe and Muse.

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      1. re: Bob Mac

        Thanks, I'm actually there this weekend so River Cafe apparently is not an option as it's closed until Feb 1 according to its website.

      2. River is always closed in January.

        If you're in Banff for 5 days, take at least one to dine in and visit Canmore- it's a dining hot spot for sure- try Quarry, we love it. Also a new coffeehouse called Communitea just opened there and if coffee is your thing they are, apparently, quite special- only southern Alberta coffeehouse serving Intelligentsia beans and only the second coffeehouse in the province (after Java Jamboree in Cochrane of all places) to have a Synesso machine (the Rolls Royce of espresso machines).

        In Calgary- many options exist besides River Cafe; I just discovered a very cool new place on Stephen Ave across from MacNally-Robinson bookstore (which itself has a pretty good retaurant on its top floor) which opened last week- very cool contemporary design, and on the same day wandered into a new sushi place on 11th Ave near 5th St called Blowfish- you cannot open a new resto in Calgary without more than a nod to design, it's really neato these days. Having said that, I'd recommend two places I've had amazing dinner experiences of late- Brava Bistro and Muse. And for lunch- well as I mentioned in another thread, had a great time at the now-smoke-free James Joyce Pub!

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        1. re: John Manzo

          I took note of all of the above Canmore recommendations, I have been to Banff twice, and never been to Canmore, my next trip will be in a couple of months and I'll make sure to spend sometime there. Tanks so much for the recommendations. Can't wait to eat there!

        2. When you are driving from Calgary to Banff (or while you are in Banff) visit Crazy Weed kitchen in Canmore. Just make sure to call ahead for reservations b/c it is really tiny. Some people have said that the service has gone a bit down hill but every time I've been there the food & the service have been great.

          1. I had a fantastic dinner at Eden roughly a month ago. Sadly, I wasn't terribly hungry so I couldn't justify going for the 7 course tasting menu, but managed to run through 4/5 courses and was definitely stuffed at the end. I highly recommend getting the fleet of wine pairings to go with your courses as well. I can't say i remember too many specifics, but it was one of the best meals and dining experiences of my life.

            The dining room itself is a long and narrow space with windows on one side which overlook the rimrock's interior courtyard (and a skating rink in winter, very pretty). Initially, my date and i were seated on the non-window side at a huge table clearly meant for four but set for two. it was a bit ridiculous really, and definitely not the most cozy/romantic set up. After a lovely amuse-bouche of salmon mousse, i asked to be moved to a smaller more intimate table, which happened once they ironed the linens(!) at the new table.

            I'll leave you to pick your courses on your own (take a peek here ), but i definitely recall having the duck as a main (done two ways, exquisitely) and the duo of foie gras (the foie gras brule being magical). My companion certainly had nothing but praise for her courses as well, so i'm sure you can do no wrong.