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Jan 22, 2007 03:32 PM

Macaroni and cheese with fancy things added?

I've noticed mac n cheese mixed with "luxury" ingredients (lobster at Klee, truffles at Waverly Inn) recently. Has anyone else seen this at any other NYC restos? What's good?? I'd like to take a culinary tour of them all.


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  1. Dylan Prime has lobster and truffle mac and cheese as a side and it was delicious.

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    1. re: belle

      Crave on 42nd has black truffle mac n cheese for only $15. The chef is the guy from Top Chef season one, so the mac n cheese is the one he made on the show.

    2. Le Zie has a mac and cheese w/truffles.

      1. Better idea: papardelli with truffles at Babbo. AMAZING! They have a heavy hand with the truffle shaver, too.

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          I know, I know. But if I open up the field to all pastas, I'd really be risking death by overcarb.

          I think Half King first started the mac n cheese with things in it trend a while back - theirs has bacon bits. Not so fancy, but that's the first one I remember.

        2. I like this subject - Mac & chees is easily my favorite food.

          Super Mac is doing it, too:

          Not sure what the verdict is on this place, but I'm dying to go.

          P.S. Totally agree with the comments above about the M&C at Dylan Prime. Delish!

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            Super Mac makes great mac&cheese nuggets. They rest is skipable. The tiny noodles just don't hold up. I prefer the noodles at S'mac. Bigger and more al dente.

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              Thanks for the advice. I'll save the trip and head to S'Mac instead.

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                The other pasta nuggets are also delicious; and seriously way too addictive. The Mac and Cheese is good... but not good for the price.

                For fancy Mac and Cheese (i mean super high end), Per se sometimes does a special Mac and Cheese with shaved black truffle, but that's a 90 dollar supplement to the already ridiculous prix fixe meal price.

            2. I had a delicious lobster macaroni and cheese at Square Meal about a week or so ago.

              Square Meal
              30 E 92nd St, New York, NY 10128