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Jan 22, 2007 03:25 PM

Mid-priced restaurants

I know that most posts to this site are looking for comments on the upper end restaurants in New Orleans. We are a group of four men who eat out every Tuesday night. We've been to most of the well known places in NO and a lot of the neighborhood ones also and would like comments from locals on new (or not so new) smaller places that are worth going to. Places like Fury's, Liuzza's, etc.
I'll mention some that we've found worthwhile:

Chateau du Lac
Mr. Ed's
R & O
Five Happiness
Sandros Trattoria

We are lifelong New Orleanians who would like to tap into the gold mine of great smaller places that would probably not satisfy the total needs of visitors looking, understandably, to "say they went to *********."

Another factor, to be honest, is price. When you are not a visitor, for example, $36 for redfish (the price at Alberta's) is insulting. We can afford the cost but prices are getting out of hand. This is one of the reasons that many French Quarter places are complaining that locals are not supporting them.

Our cost per person, with a couple of drinks and wine, runs $100 at the top places. We want to find some good spots in the $60 - $75 or even lower category - sacrificing glamor but not necessarily taste. I hope other locals will appreciate the list that hopefully will develop.

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  1. totally agree!!! i'm a somewhat recent transplant and find the prices here absolutely outrageous. i honestly don't know how people afford it!

    But - places i like that are reasonably priced and fairly tasty:

    lebanon - (esp. their sandwiches - v. good)
    fiesta bistro - next door to lebanon, pretty good
    nirvana indian - expensive for indian, but good.
    ye old college inn - really outstanding food. good for a nice night out.
    jaques imos - about the same price as ye old and v. good.
    dick & jenny's - the wait is killer - but the food and staff are so great!!
    port o'call - i know it's burgers, but they sure are tasty!
    gumbo shop - this place is in the quarter, but has good prices and i adore the space. the gumbo and crawfish etouffee is not to bad either!
    voo doo bbq - i think this place is really good and the prices are soooo reasonable.
    casa garcia - on veterans in metarie (turn left off the 10W) is actually really good. i like it better than juans flying burrito and superior grill - both are kind of so/so.

    1. This is a good query...we all have our personal favorites in the non-fine-dining category, subcategory "affordable". Here are some that make my personal shortlist--
      --Pho Tau Bay (best price-to-value menu in NOLA aside from a taco truck; eat a $3.50 bahn mi ga nuong and then tell me if I'm not spot-on)
      --Siamese Thai (lunch specials even on the weekend), same shopping center as Sandro's
      --Slice, Reginelli's, or Brick Oven in Kenner for pizza
      --the Joint for BBQ (now open on Magazine) or HillBilly BBQ in River Ridge (pulled pork is killer)
      --Horinoya on Poydras, affordable if you dig deep into the menu and try things like the ochazuke or the tuna-rice bowl.
      --the Galley on Metairie Road for seafood & poboys

      We should start another list: dirt cheap eats, too.

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      1. re: Hungry Celeste

        I am new to this area. I need to know the info in this thread. Celeste, you mentioned starting a list of dirt cheap eats. Would you please start the list? I don't know enough at this point to start the list myself. Thanks!

      2. If you enjoy Spanish ,P{aella garlic soup , etc. Lola's on Esplanade is fantastic. They do have wine , but the selection at Swirl just across the street is much better. On Tuesdays Swirl has tastings.Lola's is small festive and usually packed. They do not take reservations but you can sit outside with a sangria and watch the world go by.

        1. Lola, good one!

          I think you could get out of either Crepe Nanou or Cafe Degas for $60-$75, though it will be on the high end if you drink a lot. Jamila's would be in this price category, too, I think.

          Can't remember the prices at Adolfo's, but there were definitely some <$15 pasta entrees on the menu. Mimi's in the Marigny-- lots of little plates, so depends how much you want.

          Cheap ethnic places for me would be Tanh Dinh, Lebanon's, Mona's, Doson's Noodle House. Anybody been to Cafe Minh yet? Probably pricier.

          1. If you have tried Chateau du Lac in Kenner you might want to try Calas Bistro on West Esplanade at Chateau Blvd. Louisiana contemporary menu with moderate prices. Main course items in teens or low twenty range.