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Jan 22, 2007 03:14 PM

Has anyone actually ever won those "First 50 to respond... blah, blah, blah" from Bon Appetit?

So, I get those e-mails every once and a while from Bon Appetit- today's was: "First 55 Get a set of Bon Appetit Recipe and Articles Indexes free from Bon Appetit Private Table". Sometimes it's for a cookbook, a vacation, whatever. I check my e-mail obessively, almost as much as I check Chowhound, and I always submit an entry. I never expect to win, but think, "what the heck"! Has anyone actually ever won anything? Watch... this will be the time I win!

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  1. I won a cookbook last year...

    1. I won a copy of a "vintage" cover poster. It was a med size poster of a cover of a Gourmet magazine. Took about 3 months to arrive and wasn't much of a prize.

      1. Wow, people do win? I guess I'll keep on trying!

        1. where are these contests? online? in the mag?

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          1. re: FoiIsGoodFood

            You get the e-mails from if you sign up for their newsletters.