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Jan 22, 2007 02:42 PM

Angelini Osteria

I will be in town soon from Atlanta and noticed Angelini Osteria on Giada's new show this past weekend.
You never know about a place even if recommended by a tv celeb.
If one is a big fan of Italian food, and likes to check out different Italian spots when traveling, is Angelini worth a visit?
I will be staying in that very neighborhood and was considering AOC as well which is close by too I think. Will go to both places if recommended.

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  1. Angelini Osteria is one of my favorite restaurants in LA -- I would highly recommend; definitely worth the visit (and make reservations soon!) AOC is great also.

    1. yes, go to Angelini. Have the Branzino

      1. Do a search, this is much discussed -- many (including myself) consider this the best Italian in the city. And btw, I recently went to New York and went to Mario Batalli's Lupa -- and I think the pasta at our Angelini's is actually better (at Lupa, everything was oversalted). BE SURE TO GET THE LASAGNA VERDI as a primi -- amazing! So Giada did a good job in that dept -- a few of the other places, not so much, but she knows her Italian!

        1. Angelini is one my favorite restaurants in LA irrespective of the cuisine. If you have difficulty getting into Angelini, try also La Terza, which is a bit more heightened cuisine-wise, but is run by the same chef (and is about five blocks away).

          I believe the chef is a protege of Chef Celestino Drago, but I don't quite remember.

          The branzino is a great recommendation. Nothing quite like Mediterranean sea bass!

          La Terza and AOC are within blocks of each other as well. While you're in this neck of the woods, don't forget to swing through the Farmer's Market.

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            Mauro Vincenti brought Gino Angelini to Los Angeles in the mid-90's to cook first at Rex, then at Vincenti in Brentwood.

            Angelini broke away a few years later to open Angelini Osteria, then La Terza.

            1. re: tritip

              I knew he was someone's protege. Thanks.

          2. One of the best in town. Definitely worth seeking out if you're visiting. Don't forget the finish your meal with an unforgettable affogato gelato.

            I've got a reservation for this Saturday... yes!