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Jan 22, 2007 02:33 PM

favorite comfort food

Since our weather has taken a horrible down-turn here on the beaches of North Carolina it has turned my thoughts to what wonderful yummy comfort food I am wanting to make for tonights dinner. To me there is something sinful about a huge meatloaf stuffed with cheese and smothered with sugary red sauce carmalizing on top as it bakes. Add to that a hot bubbly cassarole dish of gooey scalloped potatoes and a bowl full of corn seasoned with lots of butter and a touch of sugar. And of course for desert I can't think of anything better than a bowl of decadent apple or cherry cobbler topped with vanilla bean ice cream....Good lord...I am drooling as I am typing...So....what is your favorite comfort food on an evening that is just plain nasty outside...I am sure this has been asked many times in the past...But I may need some additional ideas for dinners if this weather stays yucky....Thanks....OBX

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  1. Soup! White bean with escarole! & vibrant with spices! Pea with a ham bone...thick, delicious, nourishing!

    Pot roast with the fixings!

    Boeuf Bourgignon!

    Coq au vin!

    They smell divine, taste divine, nothing better for a cold, miserable night...

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      fauchon....i am so with you on all of your choices. pea with a ham bone........i can't think of anything better, unless there is a fresh crusty baguette served with it!

      coq au vin!! again, with a crusty baguette...proceed immediately to heaven!!

    2. Grilled cheese and tomato soup, Matzah ball soup (ideally with noodles too), mac & cheese.

      I made mac and cheese last night and sat and watched the snow fall. It was more relaxing than football :)

      1. Hi... Anything in the braised food group: beef short ribs, ox tails, osso bucco. With buttery orzo as a side. And baked apples as dessert...

        1. homemade macaroni and cheese with prosciutto

          baked potato soup with cheese and bacon

          i see a theme developing here... :)

          1. veggie split pea soup
            egg noodles & pot cheese
            grilled cheese [swiss on rye with tomato]
            sharp provolone with a big, luscious zin
            my mom's salmon croquettes and lumpy mashed potatoes
            haagen dazs raspberry chip ice cream [the temperature outside doesn't matter]