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favorite comfort food

Since our weather has taken a horrible down-turn here on the beaches of North Carolina it has turned my thoughts to what wonderful yummy comfort food I am wanting to make for tonights dinner. To me there is something sinful about a huge meatloaf stuffed with cheese and smothered with sugary red sauce carmalizing on top as it bakes. Add to that a hot bubbly cassarole dish of gooey scalloped potatoes and a bowl full of corn seasoned with lots of butter and a touch of sugar. And of course for desert I can't think of anything better than a bowl of decadent apple or cherry cobbler topped with vanilla bean ice cream....Good lord...I am drooling as I am typing...So....what is your favorite comfort food on an evening that is just plain nasty outside...I am sure this has been asked many times in the past...But I may need some additional ideas for dinners if this weather stays yucky....Thanks....OBX

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  1. Soup! White bean with escarole! Lentil...rich & vibrant with spices! Pea with a ham bone...thick, delicious, nourishing!

    Pot roast with the fixings!

    Boeuf Bourgignon!

    Coq au vin!

    They smell divine, taste divine, nothing better for a cold, miserable night...

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      fauchon....i am so with you on all of your choices. pea with a ham bone........i can't think of anything better, unless there is a fresh crusty baguette served with it!

      coq au vin!! again, with a crusty baguette...proceed immediately to heaven!!

    2. Grilled cheese and tomato soup, Matzah ball soup (ideally with noodles too), mac & cheese.

      I made mac and cheese last night and sat and watched the snow fall. It was more relaxing than football :)

      1. Hi... Anything in the braised food group: beef short ribs, ox tails, osso bucco. With buttery orzo as a side. And baked apples as dessert...

        1. homemade macaroni and cheese with prosciutto

          baked potato soup with cheese and bacon

          i see a theme developing here... :)

          1. veggie split pea soup
            egg noodles & pot cheese
            grilled cheese [swiss on rye with tomato]
            sharp provolone with a big, luscious zin
            my mom's salmon croquettes and lumpy mashed potatoes
            haagen dazs raspberry chip ice cream [the temperature outside doesn't matter]

            1. Veal with a mushroom cream sauce, with spaetzle - just like my grossmami used to make.

              1. Any one or more of the following: Kraft mac & cheese, matzo ball soup, wor wonton soup, beef brisket braised in Lipton Onion Soup mix, and, oddly, beef stroganoff.

                1. my fav comfort meal (traditional cuban noche buena meal): roast pork with black beans and rice, fried plantains, yuca with mojo, and sliced avacado and tomato drizzeld with olive oil and salted. flan for dessert.

                  also, my mom's chicken and spaghetti.

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                    To amopdx:
                    How about ajiaco(hearty root vegetable stew), bistec empanizado(breaded thin sliced sirloin steak) & "malanga" fritters? Yum!!!

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                      never tried ajiaco and only had malanga a few times LOVE bistec empanizado.

                      I really want to visit miami for the cuban food!
                      now, I'm hungry! :)

                  2. We are have chili tonight.I love any type of stews or soup when it is nasty.


                    1. chicken and dumplings with mashed potatoes

                      1. A thick stew like cassoulet, but that's something I usually have to wait to eat out. I'm not that elaborate myself.

                        1. Anything that is heavily laden with butter, cream, or carbs.

                          Chicken fried steak w cream gravy, mashed potatoes, green beans and biscuits

                          Potato leek soup (really any kind of cream soup)

                          1. absolutely cassoulet
                            followed by lamb shank braised with garlic and rosemary
                            lasagna, of course
                            sesame noodles
                            fried dumplings
                            warm bread pudding

                            1. Congee (mixed with chinese dried shredded pork and preserved cucumbers)


                              Tomato soup with grilled cheese sandwich

                              Sloppy Joe's with warm apple cider

                              1. I'm into the creamy and/or carb-y category. The specifics change with the circumstances - right now, I'm craving sesame noodles, but yesterday it was scones and pudding.

                                1. Yes to all of the above...but when it gets REALLY yucky out (which actually happens sometimes in LA County!) I get all Midwestern and start wanting some kind of "skillet hot dish." Specifically, one with hamburger, tomatoes, onion, green pepper, kidney beans and cooked macaroni, all simmered up in a big skillet and finished off with a bunch of grated rat cheese stirred in. My mom had no name for this; the school cafeteria called it Marietta. I just called it LUNCH! And heaven help me, even though it's a sunny day and only a bit cool, I want some RIGHT NOW.

                                  1. Pennsylvania Dutch chicken pot pie. It's like chicken noodle soup that knows somebody. And while we're on the theme...wet bottom shoo fly pie.

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                                      Absolutely for me too. Every time I make the pot pie, it makes me think of home and family. That right there is comfort.

                                    2. grilled cheese.
                                      pate chinois.
                                      blackberry crumble.

                                      1. Homemade Hatteras style Clam Chowder with lots of bacon and oyster crackers or
                                        Chicken and Dumplings...oh my!

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                                          Boy SweetPhyl !!...You are a long time local if you mention Hatteras style Chowder. I am sure not many people that havent lived on the OBX or visited here often would even know what it is. I must admit it is not one of my favorite types of chowder. When my wife had it for the 1st time she asked me if this was real chowder. Have you ever had or heard of anyone making coquina chowder? I can't imagine how much work would go into making it. Also I am trying to think of the name of a dish that we have eaten several times, it is basically boiled potatoes and most any type of fish ( rock or dolfin usually) and a broth. Than you sprinkle some chopped onions over it before serving. We had it at Sammy's one time.Was very bland. Any idea what it may be called? Thanks ....OBX

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                                            Shirley Austin, one of the best cooks I've ever known, called it fish 'n taters. She was the keeper at the Lighthouse Club in Corolla Village for many years and was kown for her fish and game preparations. Now, when Shirley made it, it was anything but bland. She would boil the potatoes, then bake them with the fish to dry them out some and keep the fish full of flavor. The onions were thinly sliced and placed on at the end and browned slightly. Served with lots of fresh lemon. Sometimes she would mash the potatoes and fish together and fry them up afterwards for fish cakes. Oh man, I could go for some fish n' taters right now! Unfortunantely, Shirley passed away in November after a noble battle with cancer, but the memory of her cooking skills will endure...

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                                              Coquina chowder is easy to make; it's not about the meat from the coquinas---it's the broth. We make it when we visit the gulf coast, where we can dig coquinas by the bucketful.

                                          2. Beef stew and dumplings.

                                            1. Oh goodness, where do I start???

                                              -Homemade macaroni and cheese
                                              -Tacos (w/ crispy shell)
                                              -Grilled cheese and homemade cream of tomato soup
                                              -My herb roasted chicken
                                              -Baked potatoes
                                              -Chicken Adobo w/ steamed rice (Filipino dish)

                                              1. home made pierogis with bacon bits and caramelized onions
                                                fried potatoes with garlic sausages
                                                potato latkies
                                                kartacze (props to anyone who knows what these are!)
                                                cucumber soup
                                                fresh pumpernickel bread with loads of butter
                                                dill pickles
                                                pasta carbonara with peas
                                                cherry compote

                                                1. Grilled cheese sandwiches and croque monsieurs
                                                  Homemade chicken soup with lots of noodles
                                                  Hot stew
                                                  Freshly made rice

                                                  When I'm really desperate, I've been known to just eat sour cream by itself. Sounds gross, but it appeals to the dairy-lovin' side of me.

                                                  1. Mac and cheese
                                                    Grilled cheese
                                                    Meatloaf with brown sugar/ketchup glaze
                                                    Mashed potatoes
                                                    Ice cream

                                                    1. Sweet and sour pot roast
                                                      Mashed potatoes w/lots of butter, cream cheese & chives
                                                      Split pea soup
                                                      Cuban chicken soup
                                                      Cuban pot roast
                                                      Warm peach pie.

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                                                        Cuban chicken soup is the best!

                                                        Hot open roast turkey sandwich with gravy
                                                        pasta e ceci (pasta with chick peas)
                                                        grilled cheese
                                                        Greek spinach pie with crispy & buttery phyllo dough
                                                        pudding (butterscotch, tapioca, rice, etc.)

                                                        Ok, now I'm starving! :o)

                                                      2. I would have to give my vote to fried chicken, preferably having sat around for awhile to reach room temp, with bisuits, mashed potatoes (ortwice baked potato with cheddar), and maybe some baked beans. I also can't resist a stack of pancakes with butter and syrup.

                                                        1. Corn Fritters.
                                                          So many goos things here. It makes me all too aware that too many food memories from my youth are unobtainable. Many recipes disapeared when relatives died, or people dont cook like they did years ago and the reality that my palet isn't the same as it was as a kid.

                                                          1. Homemade macaroni and cheese. Bonus if I have jarlsberg or a blue cheese to use. And if I'm really down - mac & cheese souffle .... mmmmmm

                                                            Then there's tomato & blue cheese soup .... Or a big bowl of Ben & Jerry's :D