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Jan 22, 2007 02:30 PM

Favorite comfort food

Since our weather has taken a horrible down-turn here on the beaches of North Carolina it has turned my thoughts to what wonderful yummy comfort food I am wanting to make for tonights dinner. To me there is something sinful about a huge meatloaf stuffed with cheese and smothered with sugary red sauce carmalizing on top as it bakes. Add to that a hot bubbly cassarole dish of gooey scalloped potatoes and a bowl full of corn seasoned with lots of butter and a touch of sugar. And of course for desert I can't think of anything better than a bowl of decadent apple or cherry cobbler topped with vanilla bean ice cream....Good lord...I am drooling as I am typing...So....what is your favorite comfort food on an evening that is just plain nasty outside...I am sure this has been asked many times in the past...But I may need some additional ideas for dinners if this weather stays yucky....Thanks....OBX

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Stracoto AKA Pot Roast (favorite recipe, thus far):

      Macaroni and Cheese (favorite recipe, thus far):

      The ongoing meatloaf thread should be of some help too!

      And just a good pan-fried cheeseburger ails me too, esp. with some good sweet potato fries!

      1. Chicken and dumplings are fine, fine, fine when it's snowing out. Unfortunately, they're time consuming to make if you want to defat the broth, but oh, so worth the wait.

        1. Mac n Cheese of course, Crock pot roast served with mashed potatoes and lots of gravy.

          1. Gooey homemade mac and cheese (although the box version does the trick more often in my house), short ribs, french onion soup, banana pancakes. I havent had chicken and dumplings in years, might have to do that soon.