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Jan 22, 2007 02:00 PM

Minneapolis - Is the best sushi really Lutefisk ?

Kidding. I read the other sushi threads, but I'm going to be in Plymouth and willing to drive but maybe not as far as Origami. What would be my best choice within 20 minutes. While we're on Plymouth any other non-chain decent options (whatever cuisine) out that way ? BTW No lutefisk recommendations, I had it in Sverige and eesh, might make good bouillon....

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  1. Are you willing to drive as far as Oragami West in Ridgedale Mall? That's probably your best bet, and I can't think of a spot in Plymouth that is more than 20 minutes from Ridgedale - there are parts of Plymouth less than 5 minutes from there. (


    The only other spot I know of for Sushi out there is Sushi of Tokyo. It isn't the best Sushi, or most creative - but it is made to order and cheap. (I'd look at it as half a step above supermarket sushi.)

    For other options in that area, Tea House (be sure to ask for the Sichuan menu) and Pineda Tacos are both in the same stripmall. The address for Tea House is 88 Nathan Lane in Plymouth.

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        We made the drive out to Yumi's this summer. It was okay for a local spot but I wouldn't drive from Minneapolis again. If I remember correctly you can't make reservations so we were smushed in the entryway waiting 45 minutes for a table.

      2. Origami West is the Alpha and Omega of your western burb sushi choices.

        1. The best I have had is at Fujiya in downtown St. Paul (also a location on Lake street), also very good is Azia on Nicollet. Good sushi but terrible service, and questionably run restaurant is Wasabi on Washington. Also in the very good catagory is Oragami also in Minneapolis.

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            i know you said "not as far as origami" but i do need to report that we had a PHENOMENAL dinner there tonight. best sushi in the last 12months, easily - freshness, thickness, temperature of fish & rice, etc. and the specials (new? new to me..) were great. melt in your mouth fish goodness.

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              I apologize for my not mentioning that the sushi I had at Wasabi was excelent. The service was terible, and forget about sitting at the bar. I was bombarded by a constant flow of coustomers walking past on their way to the dining room.

          2. For sushi, definitly Origami West in Ridgedale mall (on 394 about a mile east of 494)

            Other options in the area would be Istanbul Bistro on the frontage road of 394 about half a mile west of 494 ( just outside of Wayzata) for Turkish/Mediterranean.

            Santorini, just off 394 and 169 is all right too.

            Where in Plymouth will you be? It is a huge, sprawling area with no actual center so having an idea where you will be might provide other options a little closer to you