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Jan 22, 2007 01:38 PM

Flour Bakery--Fort Point area--now open!

flour bakery on farnsworth & congress is now open! the space looks great--very spacious; it seems bigger than the washington street store. menu looks the same. this is such a welcome addition to the neighborhood. my coworkers and i are already lamenting the extra pounds we'll surely put on.

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  1. Thanks for the update, alyss! I'll investigate today.

    1. I hope it's larger than the Washington St. location. I had the impression this was gonna be a little more like a real restaurant. Is that not the case? Or is she working on another project too?

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        I believe she is working on a real restaurant also. It's going to be a Chinese restaurant on the corner of Berkeley & Washington. The bldg the restaurant will be housed in is currently in the early stages of construction, so I'm guessing it'll be a while before the restaurant is up and running.

        I'm pretty sure the Flour on Farnsworth & Congress is just an offshoot of the S.E. bakery and will have a similar concept & menu.

      2. hmmm....didn't seem like a restaurant to me. but i was only in there for a few minutes. i'm going back at lunch to buy something so i'll get a better look then. but it definitely still seemed like a bakery/cafe.

        1. Just got back from lunch; a long line had formed by noon (word travels fast in this underserved part of town). I had a tasty roast lamb/goat cheese/chutney sandwich and an "oreo", also got a multigrain loaf to take home. There is one long table and about a half dozen small ones for seating, otherwise the set up and menu are very similar to the original. Joanne Chang was on the scene making sure things moved smoothly but I suspect it will be very hectic at lunch until the novelty wears off and the crush lightens a bit.

          1. I went down there for a muffin this morning. The muffin was great - lots of fruit, moist and a nice glaze on top. The space is also really great. Very open, lots of brick, wood, light. You can see them baking (which is important to me) and as always, they are so nice there. My consulting business brings me to the area about once a week so I'm really looking forward to some fine goodies from flour!