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Jan 22, 2007 08:47 AM

Feasting on Asphalt- LA Edition

By chance I caught this over the weekend....the Los Angeles Episode which had a scruffy alton go around with "The Hungry Detective".....I liked the show...Alton seemed kinda dirty and scruffy compared to whatever nerdy persona I got from Good Eats and Iron Chef America.

Food was pretty crazy, lots of more "street" types of food....the type you pass in neighborhoods where you make sure to lock your car doors......

crikey...just looked, it ran only 4 episodes and aired like in AUGUST....cracy.....i miss a lot...hah..

I wish they would REPLAY these types of shows during much more interesting!

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  1. We really enjoyed that series - wish FN would do more like it... after he rode around with that officer we thought a "best cop eats" show would be awfully fun. I loved their description of the lost burger bits as schrapnel.

    Poor guy - he looked so scruffy b/c it was the end of his long trip across the country and b/c he put his bike down a few days earlier and broke his clavicle. Bet it's hard to shower and shave with that injury! :)

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    1. re: jujuthomas

      I was not supposed to be in Feasting, but had done research for Alton on his trip, then he crashed and I got a phone call from him asking for help....and the rest is history....I have to admit, they all looked a bit ragged when they got to me....what a great crew and a great show....He was in quite a lot of pain as well...

      1. re: ccognac

        I can't even imagine how much he was hurting - I broke my ankle in October and couldn't focus on much else for a week!

        It was an awesome episode - made me want to find a Philly cop to ask where to find the best take out! lol.

        1. re: ccognac

          Good for you for keeping a straight face when he said you were so much better than a food critic!

          (now that I know your screenname I'm tracking you!!!!)

      2. All 4 episodes were fabulous. I'd love to find out who played the soundtrack. Loved the soundtrack to the series.

        1. Has anyone tried the foods at the places Alton ate at? Are they as good as they look?

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          1. re: AlwayzHungry

            I've been to Acosta Tacos....i didn't really dig it. Just an average taco joint in LA.

          2. Ted Drewes in St. Louis serves a very tasty frozen custard, but its charm exceeds that. A great place to gather after a game, whether Cards or kids, and stand in line and be rewarded with a wonderful "concrete" (milkshake so thick it holds when turned upside-down) or other cold treat in the midwest summer heat. Then again, my last visit there was when I was in town in mid-October. No wonder Alton received so many emails recommending Ted Drewes, a beloved local institution.

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            1. re: nosh

              Yes, and I miss Ted Drewe's very much. Sniff!

              1. re: Phaedrus

                That was on my to-eat list when I vistied STL...unfortunately, my friends that lived there moved!

            2. Ok now..when I lay down my bike, no one gives me a TV show! Chris-you've got connections...get Alton to do another show like that or you'll arrest him. Love your show too!

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              1. re: piggygirl

                I was not supposed to be in Feasting....I had done research for Alton to use in the show...but my show at food net was already a go...but then he fell and asked for help.....the rest is history...I think it came out pretty sure was a good time....but he was hurting bad the whole day....he flew home right after we went to the ocean.....he was in that much pain...

                1. re: ccognac

                  Jeez, it looks like maybe you should have taken him to the SGV for Chinese


                  but I guess chopsticks would have been not so fun to watch, and definately not roadie