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Jan 22, 2007 08:26 AM

Wholefoods Supermarket in Ken High St

From what I understand Wholefoods will shortly be opening in Ken High Streett the first of their stores outside of US/Canada. It sounds as if it will be pretty massive at 80,000 sq ft of retail space.

I am wondering whether their concept will translate to the British market.

In any case it should be quite exciting.

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  1. yep, its in the barkers building. they know i live around the corner.

    1. I'm in Seattle right now and there are a lot of Whole Food markets. In fact, I was in one yesterday with my daughter-in-law. It was very reminiscent of the store near where I lived in NY. If someone is very keen to eat lots of organic products, this is certainly the place to find them. What impressed me most was the huge, gorgeous display of chicken, meat and fish - all beautiful and very high quality. The prices are high, even for Seattle so I'd expect a lot of the products in London to be 'through the roof' as for cost. Will most of the products be organic, local, UK? I would suspect so, but boxed things can always be flown over from the States.

      1. Whole Foods owns Fresh n Wild stores and was wondering how the two stores will be different other than size.

        1. Does anyone know the date of when its opening? I miss Whole Foods so much!
          I somehow think the prices are going to be pretty expensive compared to the US ones.
          The difference with the Fresh n Wild shops will be that there will be big deli sections, with lots of food made on site - also a great salad bar too. Also if its anything like the US stores it'll have extensive wine, cheese and bread sections and generally lots more choice.

          1. I e-mailed PR at Whole Foods about two weeks ago to find out when the official launch date is and they say "late spring." CANNOT WAIT for the salad bar!