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May 11, 2005 08:12 PM

BBQ Catering?

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Does anyone know of a BBQ "caterer" that will come out and cook for an outdoor event?

We want to have BBQ (e.g. ribs, chicken, hot dogs, etc.), but don't want to be responsible for standing over a hot grill all day. Any suggestions?

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  1. j
    Jeni Bean (Formerly Richie Richmond)

    Not exactly what you are looking for, but Asqew does a really nice on site grill. They bring their own grills and have all the sides (garlic mashed potato, corn etc.) We were not disappointed with an event we attended where they were grilling.



    1. Armadillo Willy's will come to your site. Here's a link to info:


      1. Bo's in Lafayette started out as a catering company and still does cater AFAIK. Very good BBQ I might add.

        1. I stopped by the San Rafael farmer's market at lunchtime today and discovered Frank's Bar-b-que. They cater parties and picnics throughout the Bay Area. See link below..