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Jan 22, 2007 07:38 AM

Stone Fire Pizza Co.

Did the Stone Fire Pizza Co. on La Cienaga. Soft opening, pretty empty on a Sunday evening. Skews young an sceney. They have about 30 different regular pizzas, kinda like a gourmet CPK, and then they have 8 thick crust "Chicago-style" pizzas.

Thin crust pies are okay. Toppings and cheese are good, crust is a little Tombstone. Thick-crust is a little better, about half the thickness of a Pizza Uno, lots of sauce. Not too heavy, not too light, not too much like Chicago. Thin-crust and thick crust are both in the 14-18 dollar range for 12-inch pies. Thick crust is the far better deal.

Drinks are expensive, waitresses cute, owner runs the Spanish Kitchen, too, of which I am not a fan. The pizza fiends should have a go, but it ain't no Mozza, and Mozza ain't no Village.

Top 5 LA pizza places so you have something to compare with:
San Gennero

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  1. Is this related to the Stonefire Grill chain with the Fire Bucket O'Salad?

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    1. re: Das Ubergeek

      No it is not.
      Stonefire has units in Santa Clarita, West Hills, Irvine and Fountain Valley and is run by the Harrigans, while Stone Fire Pizza is at 829 N. La Cienega (310.659.8848) and is run by the people behind the Spanish Kitchen, and the Belmont, including Greg Morris, son of Gladstone fame.

    2. This place has great pizza, super thin and crisp crust and something for everyone's tastes. The service, however, needs much improvement. We went there after it had ben open only a month so here's hoping they'll work out the kinks, or it was just a bad night. The Steakhouse Special pizza is definitly worth a try - Yum. And the salads were really good too.

      1. Went there last night - was VERY impressed. Pizza was great, service excellent. Was an excellent option for 3 meat-eaters and 3 vegans. All were happy.

        Also - 5-7pm is happy hour (I think every night) - 50% off. The group ate, drank lots of beer, all for under $100. I'll be going back soon! :)

        1. What does "crust is a little Tombstone" mean?

          I went last night, thinking an unknown place would be empty even Oscar night' and it was. Nice room, very nice bar/patio. Ear-bleedingly loud TV, but that was probably an Oscar special -- no way they plan to have it on that loud generally. Nice beers on tap (even a Belgian, as well as Fat Tire & Firstone.
          The pizza is average-to-good. Had the thin crust 1/2 sausage-1/2 pepperoni. Would like to try a (not-so) Deep Dish.

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          1. re: Ciao Bob

            "a little Tombstone" as in Tombstone frozen pizza crust.

            Side note: Vito's across the street from Stone Fire is one of the best in the city, and Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix is probably the best in the country.

          2. I was at Stone Fire about two weeks ago and thought the pizza & service is very mediocre.....thin crust was good but their pizza's lacks flavor. But I do recommend them for Happy Hour. They did a good job on the remodel of that space.

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            1. re: gretcheng

              We went to the La Cienega location on 3/7 during happy hour, ordered the deep dish and when presented with the bill, was charged full price for the pie (the take out menu as well as the sign outside states "Half price (draft) beer and pizza"-that's it). When we asked why we were charged the full price, the manager said, "Because it takes twice the amount of ingredients and time, we have to charge the full price." Being passive/aggressive, we didn't point out that the sign didn't have any exclusions.

              I emailed a complaint letter about false advertising, and as of last week, they took the sign down, but no response from them. It's too bad, the place is right around the corner from us and the deep dish is pretty good-we probably would've eaten there once a week.

              1. re: pkittie

                Might want to find out how the new Vito's on the east side of the street next to Asakuma Rice Asian restaurant, formerly Rice, Kikuchi or Bistro 21, suits your tastebuds. Many favorable posts so far, and it has only been opened around 2 or so weeks.

                1. re: carter

                  Thanks for the recommendation, we'll check it out :) So nice that we can walk to it!