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Jan 22, 2007 07:17 AM

Davis - Little Prague Bohemian Restaurant & Bakery - Kolachke, Prague Dogs & open till 2am?

This gets occasional one line mentions, but the menu looks just great to me.

It is open till 2 am for desserts, drinks and Prague dogs or 'parek v rohlíku' ... what is that. I can't tell you how many times I've driven by Davis on the freeway late at night and ate at fast food joints ... and Prague dogs were available all that time.

And they bake their own Eastern European bread??? How is THAT?

The bakery stuff sounds so good ... princess cake, napoleans, josephines, Schwarzwälder Torte, Pistachio Apricot Punch Cake, apple strudel, etc ... Is the NY-style cheese cake good?

How's the Buchta ... sweetened rolls with fillings ... Cherry, Peach, Poppy Seed, or Baker's Cheese.

Anyone had their Czech Holiday Extravaganza? ...Duck baked on apples and onions with caraway seasoning, a slice of Pork Roast with a Holiday Sausage, sauerkraut, red cabbage and Czech Dumplings with pork gravy

What's the best Morant's Sausage ... Bratwurst, Knockwurst, Rindswurst or Weisswurst?

Do you recommend the potato pancakes or dumplings?

Some of these sounded particularily good to me ... any comments?

- Czech Style Trout (Pstruh na kmíně a česneku)seasoned with caraway & garlic

- Pork Segedin Goulash with Czech Dumplings (Segedínský guláš)
Pork “stew” containing sauerkraut and a little half-and-half.

- Tomato Dill Soup (Rajčatová Polévka s Koprem) a.k.a. Paradise Soup (Rajská Polévka)

- Chicken Mozart (Mozartovo kuře) Chicken breast stuffed with cream cheese and a peach

- Biftek Rasputin“ Beef Fillet Mignon with sauerbraten sauce and Czech Dumplings with cranberry sauce and whipped cream.

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  1. The bakery is excellent. I've only eaten there about five times but I make a point now when I go to get somethnig from the bakery. It's a gem of a restaurant that deserves more attention.

    1. I have been wondering about the bakery as well. I am glad to hear it stands up to the stellar food they serve. I really like Little Prague, the ambience, the food and service are very good. Of the dishes you list, I have tried the Trout and thought it was outstanding. Nice balance between the caraway and garlic and the potatoes were fried to perfection. What has always impressed me is that the owners and servers encourage patrons to come back and split a dessert and have coffee. It is refreshing compared to some restaurants who look down their nose at just ordering dessert.

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      1. re: free sample addict aka Tracy L

        Thanks so much for the feedback on this and the other czech post. Now I'm plotting a reason to get up to that area ... anyplace you know that makes Polish paczki for Lent in the Sacto area? Seems like there is an Eastern Europeon population in the area. I'd drive up there for a paczki.

      2. There was a restaurant that served good Slavic food along with American food, including a nice chicken paprikash, but I can't remember the name or the precise location. I think it was on J Street. If I was going to look, I'd start there.

        1. Hey rw,
          If you make it to Davis, there is an Austrian bakery called Konditorei that might be right up your alley. I can only vouch for their pastries, which are delicious, but, they also have a variety of sweet breads which I haven't tried. Their website is currently broken but here is their Daviswiki page ("gelato... better than Italy"--- Ha, shows what your average UCD student knows about food


          Regarding Little Prague, I've only been there for beer and princess cake (yummy!). The patio is lovely on a warm night.