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Jan 22, 2007 05:30 AM

Pembroke, Wales area: home made cakes, chippies, caring restaurants?

This summer we'll be staying in Tenby, near Pembroke. I'm looking for pubs with good food (or even a couple of good dishes), interesting tea places where the cakes are home made with care, good chippies and well run restaurants that care about the food. Yes, I know it's a lot to ask along with beautiful coastal walks, but can't a guy dream?

Also, we'll be cooking a fair bit, so any real food vendors and butchers with great Wesh lamb would be a treat.

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  1. By that time there'll be a rather special little restaurant in Newport (about 25km North of Tenby) . . . I can't really say much more at the moment, but I'll post again when I tell you more.

    1. A bit late, but we've just returned from a short break in the area, and can recommend the Mews Bistro in Tenby:

      Don't be put off by the slightly chavvy surroundings, and the decor [which needs a refresh]. I had the best grilled salmon I've had for years: nice Sancerre, too.

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        Thanks for the reply, even if late! My experience was that fish and chips in Tenby were good, there was a wonderful butcher/ cheese seller in the public market who cared about his stuff, you could go out and fish for fresh mackerel, and in general the restaurants didn't know how to make good food.
        But go anyway, buy the lamb and enjoy great Welsh singing and spectacular views!

        1. re: crowsonguy

          Go to Narberth. It has some very nice food shops and cafe/restaurants.