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Jan 22, 2007 03:26 AM


Tonight we felt like prime rib and as most people in Los Angeles, we believed Lawry's to be "le top". We believed wrong: What we had not realized prior to our dinning experience this evening was how cheap we would feel when we left. The quality of food not much better than a Chili's or Outback, the service syrupy sweet, and the prices ridiculous.
EVERYTHING costs extra. Even the baked potato, a standard prime rib side, is not included in the set price!
In a world where fads come and go, we had hoped Lawry's would maintain the same quality and service we had remembered from our youth. Much to our disappointment, this place is barely a notch above fast food. In summation,my grandfather's cousin Cliford Figel, was married to the daughter of Mr.Frank, one of the original owners.Clifford worked his way up to the president of the Board of Directors of Lawrys. Uncle Clifford is spinning in his grave tonight at the demise of a once delicious establishment.

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  1. I found that Summit House in Orange County had good prime rib with excellent creamed corn that comes with it. They also have great seafood. I have never been disappointed.

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      it also comes with creamed spinach

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        Thumbs down here for Summit House. Horrible service and attitude. They ruined our rehearsal dinner. Made us wait two hours past our reservation time and then rushed us out since they were closing. The also didn't follow any of the pre-arranged instructions even though we had planned and discussed everything with them weeks ahead of time. No apology from management after I wrote and complained afterwards. Many other gory details on how badly they handled the entire night. My poor east coast guests were about to keel over in hunger and they wouldn't even let us buy appetizers at the bar with the long wait.

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          i agree w/jase. the food at the summit house is mediocre and not worth the money. pretentious atmosphere. lawrys is much better than the summit house.

          not sure if they still serve prime rib but i enjoy dining at the cat and the custard cup in guadalahabra, they have a website but it's awful. it's part of the el cholo restaurant group.

      2. Ouch - and I just finished praising Lawry's on another entry...

        1. I've had superb smoked prime rib at Shenandoah at the Arbor down in Los Alamitos. And at Lasher's in Long Beach. And LG's Prime in Palm Springs. But I've always wanted to try Lawry's. You're harshing my prime rib jones, man!!!

          1. It's become standard practice in most meat-n-potatoes joints to charge separately for the side dishes. But still, to each his/her own. I still recommend Lawry's to those who haven't tried it, because while it might not be a consensus best, it's still a reference point.

            1. I haven't been to Lawry's in ten years, we always go to Tam O Shanter on Los Feliz in Glendale/Atwater Village. Tam O Shanter is in the Lawry's family, but we love Tam O Shanter because the prime rib is excellent, and the salad and sides are included in the price of the meal. It's got the same delicious creamed spinach and creamed corn as Lawry's. Their dessert souffles are amazing.

              Considering how much you hated Lawry's you may not like TOS either. But you may find it to be better for the money and a more pleasant experience overall.