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farmers' markets in ireland

hey, i'm an american college student on a mission to explore farmers' markets across ireland... any thoughts? suggestions? i'd love to hear your thoughts! :)

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  1. I am only aware of the ones in Dublin. Meeting House square in the Temple Bar is one of the most established- only on Saturday. there is also one of Pearce Street on a Saturday- I think it is a food co-operative venture. there is another market in Dun Laoghaire, outside Dublin, on a Sunday.

    1. On the north of the Liffey there is a farmer's market everyday - go a street or 2 past O'Connell's statue and take a left (comning from S of Liffey ) and you'll run into it

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        This one isnt a farmers market per se- but it is probably relevant as a real old Dublin tradition. The street is Moore street, between Henry Street, and Parnell Street. Street sellers get the fruit, fish and flowers from the wholesalers in Smithfield early in the morning and sell their wares on Moore Street. Great for fruit and veg - but it wont last long- use it the day you buy, or within a few days...

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          Hey desperate diner - you sound like a Dubliner. I spend a month there every other year with a bunch of university students. I will be looking for fresh suggestion in several months as the scene chenges remarkably in two years.

          Slan - can't get the accent on this PC.


      2. I was also looking at farmers' markets in preparation for a trip later this year. I found this website: www.irelandmarkets.com

        1. English Market in Cork is pretty nice, though it may not count as a farmer's market.

          1. There's a good market in Midleton, near Cork, on a Saturday morning, and one (bizarrely) in the MahonPoint shopping centre in Cork on Thursdays, between around 10 and 2/3, which is really good, just very strangely located. You can get the number 10 bus from Cork city to the shopping centre. I think there may be a market in Bandon, west of Cork as well, but not sure when it's on.

            1. And of course there's the Saturday market near St. Nicholas' church in Galway - nice market, fantastic curries/crepes too

              1. Last March we ran into a small market in Howth, a few blocks from the station, near the restos and fish market. lovely veg and all that. Beautiful artichokes, rhubarb, excellent looking cheeses, and the highlight for us was the illy cafe truck with delicious pressed sandwiches.

                While there, if you have the time, take a long walk or ride the bus up the road to see Howth Summit. Quite a lovely view of the sea from there.

                1. St georges Market in belfast city, best and most famous food market in the north of ireland, every saturday from about 10.30 until four in the afternoon.

                  1. The Saturday market in Galway is nice -- it's outside Sheridan's, whose owner is centrally involved in getting markets BACK across Ireland (I think he said they had rejuvenated about 15 or 16 that had become defunct). You might stop in there when you pass through Galway and ask about it.... Do not miss the awesome falafel with "the works" at the cart in the market. 5 euros for a double handful of serious food-love.

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                      There is one on Wednesdays at the IFSC. Sat Temple Bar and the organic more hippy one in Pearse street in St Andrews Centre. Also on Sat there is a small one in St Annes Park, Sun Howth is good and various around the country. Look up http://www.irishfarmersmarkets.ie/