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Jan 22, 2007 03:05 AM

Matsuri Japanese Restaurant in Geneva

Hi all,

Well I've eaten at this new Japanese restaurant in Geneva a few times now and feel good about recommending it. Their sushi menu has doubled in size in the past few months and they will also make just about anything you might request off the menu as well including fresh sashimi. Along with great sushi they also have very good dinners with tempura, teriyaki, karashi yaki and yakiniku. Their salmon teriyaki is great! They also have excellent gyoza that is homemade by the chef.

What sets them apart from the other Japanese in the area is the variety, price and atmosphere. They are less expensive than swordfish with sushi and dinner equal if not better in quality. They also do not do teppan like Ju-rin which makes for a quieter atmosphere and Matsuri has much better sushi IMO. In addition, they are located in the new dodson place mall (3rd Street) right in downtown which makes for a very pleasant dining atmosphere.

It is nice to have a Japanese restuarant of this quality in Geneva - now I don't have to drive all the way to Schaumburg!

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  1. Can you compare this place to a sushi restaurant in Chicago proper?

    1. bryan,

      This is a tough question since we don't eat sushi downtown very often. We live west of Geneva, so we don't get downtown often and when we do, we normally eat other cuisine (never American food). The last time we ate sushi/Japanese downtown we ate at a place west of downtown on Ontario (I believe) - pretty good, but Matsuri is more memorable. The rolls are good size, tightly wrapped and fresh at Matsuri (unlike swordfish where they are a bit loose and have gotten smaller over time).

      Sorry I can't compare to a restaurant in downtown Chicago!

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      1. re: jimdean

        Do you happen to know if they're open for lunch?? We're hoping to try it today, but am unable to find any info on it on the internet,

      2. wineaux,

        Sorry I missed your question, but yes they are open for lunch. They are only closed on Mondays and open for lunch and dinner every other day. Not sure of when they open for lunch but they open for dinner at 5pm.

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        1. re: jimdean

          oh they made a website..i believe it's
          they open for lunch at 11:30.