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Jan 22, 2007 02:30 AM

Ginger Lovers Unite! Great Fresh Ginger Cake Recipe (I gotta share it!)

OK, so I tried Linda Mc's Triple Ginger Gingerbread (and loved it.)
But I tried a different gingery cake recipe this weekend and it was REALLY REALLY GOOD!!

I got it from the new Joy of Cooking:
preheat oven to 350, grease and flour a 9x9 pan, line bottom if you care to do so.

Whisk together:
1.5 c AP flour (I used half ww pastry flour)
1 t. baking soda
1/4 t. salt

WHisk in another bowl:
1/2 c. brown sugar
1/4 c. light molasses
1/4 c. dark corn syrup, golden syrup, honey, or light molasses (I used maple syrup)

1 egg

add and whisk:

1/2 cup finely minced fresh ginger (really).

combine in saucepan (I used a bowl in the micro)until melted:
1 stick unsalted butter (I used 14 c. butter and 1/4 c. e.v.o.o.)
1/2 c. water

whisk into molasses mixture. Stir in flour mixture just until smooth. This batter is runny. Scrape into pan. Bake 25-30 mins, until toothpick in center is clean. Cool 10 mins on rack in pan, knife around edge, flip out to cool on rack right side up.

I served with billows of whipped cream, lightly sweetened with maple syrup and a touch of vanilla, and sprinkled each serving with minced crystallized ginger.

Yummy! Enjoy!


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  1. cool, love ginger cake

    what made this one really really good? texture? taste?

    when it comes to ginger cake, what's your pleasure?

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    1. re: orangewasabi

      well, it was just good.
      But, I think it was mostly the surprise of the ginger flavor, without any intruders. I've been making lots of gingerbread lately (triple, as I mentioned, pumpkin, applesauce...) but they all have tons of other spices. THis cake was all about the ginger. I love the sticky gooopy stuff you get on the bottom (and sometimes top) of these cakes, so I hover by the oven to take it out at "just the right moment" so as to preserve as much stickiness as possible without having a runny inside. Alas, we ate the whole thing (four adults plus two preschoolers) so I have no way of confirming my suspicion that this cake is even better the second day (as is the case with most gingerbreads!).

      I might have to make another...

      1. re: amyamelia

        That must be a really terrible cake if there are no left overs for tomorrow!

    2. I googled David Lebovitz, but couldn't get the Ginger Cake. I put it in his search site, but it didn't come up. What am I doing wrong?

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      1. re: Cerise 37

        dunno...this is the first thing I get when I google his name and ginger cake

      2. I thought for sure this was going to be about the David Lebovitz ginger cake (easy to google, and goooood)
        It's amazing how fresh raw ginger melts right into the batter (and leaves no fibers) in that recipe. There's other spices, like black pepper, involved. Also molasses - it's a VERY dark cake. The flavors are strong, so it wouldn't appeal to all preschoolers.

        If you want to guild the lily, make a cranberry-ginger compote to go on top.

        1. Sorry for the newbie question, but what is AP Flour?



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          1. re: yumbofoodie

            All Purpose flour- just regular old flour

          2. I made this, it was really wonderful! I did a few modifications- I added some raisins, I used 2 grated fresh pears instead of the water, dark molasses instead of light, and more ginger than called for (basically all that I had, which was in danger of going bad). It looked a little gummy coming out of the oven, but cooled to a nice moist crumb texture.

            This cake really rocked, Thanks!