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Jan 22, 2007 02:30 AM

New to town-- In love with Hamlet Bistro

I recently moved to Philly from NYC, and was delighted to find a little BYO in my new neighborhood that has fabulous food with the warm service that New York often lacked. I live in Chestnut Hill, and followed a friend’s recommendation to try Hamlet Bistro in Mt. Airy. The service was pleasant without being over the top, and the room was lovely and inviting. The best part... THE FOOD!! My husband had a simple but delicious strip steak, and I enjoyed the stripped bass with a curry sauce that was on special. We will be returning soon!!
I'm still looking for other suggestions... any other warm places with superior food that won't break my wallet?

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  1. I just posted this on a recent post:

    I have lived in Chestnut Hill for 5 years, and agree that there are not enough good (ethnic) eats. Our new favorite restaurant is Hokka Hokka, a Japanese next to Cin Cin that offers many more tasty vegetarian options than Osaka, and has a modern yet charming and inviting setting with a fantastic fireplace. It is our new place to take friends from out of town.

    I found a web site that lists many of the restaurants I go to in Chestnut Hill.

    We also really like Umbria (Italian eclectic BYOB in Mt Airy), Citrus and Flying Fish/Roller's (both in Chestnut Hill). Cafe Barcelona and Al Dana are okay/good. I have not yet been to Hamlet Bistro, a BYOB in Mt. Airyon Emlen close to lincoln Drive, but I hear its good.

    Other casual places I really like for lunch are Top of the Hill on Evergreen, McNally's Tavern at the top of the Hill across from Border's (you can get the schmitter there, which is an all meat sandwich also featured at the Philadelphia pro sports stadiums). I find Bitar's to be hit or miss. I used to love that place, but their falafel sandwiches are very dry, and the tabouli salad varies in freshness. Mi Puebla (the new mexican) is cheery but I find the food okay/good.

    Anyway, I am praying for quality Indian and Mexican restaurants to round out the hill, and some kind of upscale place as well. Why can't Munish Narula, Daniel Stern or Steven Starr come out here?

    1. Angie Browns is a good option in Mount Airy. Very good cajun inspired food, friendly (if slow) service, moderate prices.

      1. I highly recommend GeeChee Girl Rice Cafe in Mt. Airy: